Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tracking and Packing

Whew! Tense changes are going on around my house. I'm in the process of reclaiming space, and moving things out to the shed. Soon we will box up Oldest's room, part of it anyway, so that his room will stay tidy while he's off to serve his time in the Coast Guard.

As of today, Mini's room has been culled. After the 1st, I'll be ripping out ALL the tile in there to replace it. When Oldest's bathroom flooded, it ruined all the brand new tile I laid in there when we did the great office/bedroom swap. Anyway, this go around, I'm going to probably do a simple linoleum in there and get him a decent rug. It'll probably save me a lot of headaches in the long run.

Right now my shoulders are so sore from all the boxing and lifting, I can barely turn my head. The real joy with this is when I go to pull laundry out of the washer. Funny how I'm never aware of those muscles until they are screaming in pain. :P

I wrote roughly four pages earlier today. Later on tonight, I'm gonna tack a few words on to that. I need to find somewhere to tack up a calendar so I can keep tabs on my word count on a day by day basis. At the NOLA Christmas party, Jennifer Blake was telling us that's how she keeps tabs, so I may give that a try just to see how it works for me. She also said she completes a rough draft in about 2 months. I have no idea how she manages that, but I'd like to get a good idea where I stand on the word count issue.

Mini is having fits for mac and cheese, so I'm off to the kitchen. I hope you're all having a happy Tuesday!


  1. I do the same thing with a calendar and posting my word count, or at least I did before my life went to hell and back. lol. I really should give that another go and no better time than the new year. :)

    Oh golly, yes, tile is so pretty, but the other flooring is better if you have kiddos and is so much less expensive.

    Just take care of yourself and don't pull any more muscles! Eeps!

  2. Wow, you poor thing. I'm sure you will happy as a clam when it is all done but in the mean time tell your hubby you need a back rub.

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