Saturday, December 04, 2010

Sandy Claws and SD Cards

funny pictures-Don't toy with me, woman!  COOK IT!!!!!!

Tonight we're taking Mini to see the Christmas lights and Mr. Sandy Claws. The big guy was at one of the stores in town earlier this week, but I put off going because I couldn't get the pictures off my camera.

Well, I finally got the SD card  issues worked out. A month ago, I took my SD card out of my camera and popped it into my computer and the thing crashed my whole system. Yikes! I did every scan known to man. Nothing came up, so I was worried it might be the hardware. This system came with an internal reader so I'd have to crack the case to get at it and...well, ugh. Do I have to?  I got to fiddling around with it and got it working again so, I'm declaring that a minor victory. If it starts acting wonky again, I'll probably go ahead and replace the reader. For now...a slacker gonna slack.

Anyway, the morning was spent getting Dad on the net again. Jay took care of the setup wireless for him on the old laptop, now Dad has to take the required drivers from the laptop and transfer them to his desktop. He should be able to do that with his cell phone.

Yesterday hubby brought home several large boxes for me. I'm going through my books and paring them down. Some are going to charity, the others to the shed. Mini doesn't know it yet, but his toys are going to be sorted before Santa brings a single thing. He doesn't play with half of it, only his cars, Legos, and a few stuffed animals. He's more a crafty type kid. He'd rather draw, read, or play outside, so there's no point in all the clutter. Yep, I'm on a mission to ditch all the junk that's taking up space, and this is just the beginning... muahahahahaha! *cough, cough, wheeze*

So there it is. My day thus far. I'll probably write for a bit tonight then pop into SL to check on my real estate. I upgraded to a better skybox. One with more scenes. I wanted something snowy and Christmas-like so I'll be paying an additional 100L a week, but oh well. That's pretty much where I spend my time in world so I might as well make the most of it.

Oh, and we're getting Subway for supper. I've been dying for a chicken boobie sub with everything on it, but I've been putting it off. No more, though. Om nom nom. Tonight, the yummy shall be mine. :9 Happy Saturday, everyone!


  1. emailed ya. ::waves::

  2. Hey hon, going to check my emails now. ((hugs))

  3. Sounds like fun. I remember cleaning out my daughter's bedroom of the toys she didn't play with, she would just go looking for them in the trash can. I can't make this stuff up. lol

    I would put them all in a big garbage bag and when she got home from school and saw her room she went out back and pulled the bag out of the trash and went through it to bring some stuff back in her room.

    I would go in her room the next week and see a broken doll or some such thing sitting in the corner knowing full well I had thrown it away and it was back....staring at me...

  4. LOL!! It's always the creepy doll they want to save, isn't it, Mary? ^_^


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