Friday, December 31, 2010

Out with 2010

Goodbye 2010, don't let the door hit ya on the way out! I can honestly say you will not be missed, and if it is at all possible, I will try to think of you as infrequently as possible.

I had three shining moments in 2010 - my son's high school graduation, my 20th wedding anniversary, and getting a story published through Ellora's Cave. Those were the very best things that happened to me throughout 2010, and the only thing I care to celebrate.

Memorable events of 2010 included losing my precious Kinzy-pup in August on the night following my 35th birthday (goodness, how I miss him!), Oldest deciding to join the Coast Guard, and Mini both graduating preschool and entering Kindergarten.

Memorable events in 2010 that happened to close friends and family that shook me included my BFF losing her mother, my grandmother's cancer returning and the chemo she underwent afterward, seeing William Melchert-Dinkel facing justice for his role in Nadia's death, and my heartbreaking for a friend who deserves to be a mother more than anyone else in the world I know.

This past year run me through a wringer emotionally, physically, creatively and financially. No corner of my life was spared from the terrible jaws of 2010. I'm looking forward to pulling out of this hell born pattern of crap-tasticness. For my New Year's resolution, I vow to stress less, to find my comfort zone, and make a bid for happiness. I am never going to be any younger or more capable than I am right now, so come on with it 2011. I'm  rolling up my shirt sleeves!


  1. 2010..i will not miss it but think of it for a long time...

    happy new year to you cora..:-)

  2. ((hugs)) It has to get better this year, because I cannot (and refuse to) imagine it getting worse. Whew-wee! Welcoming this New Year with open arms.


  3. Happy New Year, Danielle! ^_^

  4. ((hugs)) Cassie

    It will be better. Last year was rock bottom. So there's only one way to go - up! :*)

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