Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Left, Right, Center

funny pictures-meh.

Finally, a moment to blog. Whether anyone else reads this stuff, it's how I keep track of my life, so...meh. I haven't had a day home to do my own business since Saturday, and right now I'm writing this while I have a cup of coffee because in about 30 minutes I have to run to town and take care of a few things.

The school is breathing down my neck to participate in all the Christmas shenanigans. First we had to buy a Santa hat for Mini - done. Then it's $40.00 for pictures - done. Oh, and $15 for the ballet field trip - done. Oh, and say, send $20 with your kid for the Santa workshop - say what?  And then, on the 16th, we need you to bring either cookies, chips, drinks, or something - for 20 students. By the way, Mrs. Z, did you know your kid's lunch account is overdrawn? *_*

I paid my bills yesterday, and my checking about came up 3.76 cents short. My balance was negative 3.76. I had to go take out a cash advance on my credit card to put money in the bank to cover four dollars. I figured I was done after that. Disaster averted. I planned to spend all the rest of the week home, working on finishing up this werewolf story when out of the blue last night I got a phone call. An elderly relative needed money to get their pills. Oh. My. God. How can this be happening? And the government is going to cut social security?  I usually don't pay any attention to that kind of thing, but... Seriously?

I am going today to cash my pitiful little check today and get their pills for them and haul them over to their house since they don't even have the gas money to come pick up the stuff. Thankfully Mini will be riding the bus home, so I won't have to rush to make it back before he gets here. I'm leaving Oldest here just in case I'm not back in time. I still haven't figured out what I'm going to do about this weekend. I'm supposed to go to my local RWA Christmas party, but now it looks like hubby's going to have to take Oldest to Little Rock - or at least half way - to meet with the recruiter. My parents have a painting to deliver, so they won't be able to watch Mini either. So it's looking right now like I'll have to stay home and bake cookies with the beast or something such. Maybe put up the tree and finish repainting the kitchen - which is half finished because I started before all the baloney hit the fan.

If I weren't laughing at all the insanity, I'd be crying. After today I'm hoping I'll have a few days to get down to business with writing. First up, this werewolf story. I need to get it finished and tidied up so I can shove it out the door. Wish me luck!


  1. Things seem to pile up on us when we least need them too. Hope things settle down and get back to normal for you soon.

  2. Thanks bunches, Mary. Things do seem to come in threes -and lately fours. LOL! Things usually settle down for us after the holidays. At least I'm hoping! :0)


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