Thursday, December 02, 2010

Books And More Books

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So it's time for the annual bookshelf clear out. My bookshelves are in the bedroom, and they can get kind of dusty what with the hundreds of books in there. For Christmas, I'm asking Santa for a glass from case for the occult book collection, so I can keep those separate. Most of them are rare and should be behind glass anyway.

As for the rest, I'm keeping a few trades (my current love), and narrowing down the keeper shelf to probably 25 books. The rest, the ones I haven't given away, will be divided into those boxed for the shed, those so ragged they are good for anything but the recycling bin, and those in good enough shape to be donated to charity. At any rate, by the end of the month, they will be out of the house.

In the process, I'm narrowing down my TBR stack as well. I'm in a race to the end of 2010 book reading frenzy. I've read three books this week so far: Blonde With a Wand by Vicki Lewis Thompson, Dark City (novelization) by Frank Lauria, and a contemporary romance that was so horrible it shall remain nameless. As for the first two books, I have added them to my Goodreads page.

Next up, I'm reading Smitten, by Janet Evanovich. It's not a very big book, so I can likely read it in an afternoon. It looks like it's going to be a truly fun read. I've spot read it, picked through a few pages here and there, and what I saw I liked a lot. Now that it has passed the initial breeze-thru test, I'm going for the gusto.

Since there are quite a few I'm hoping to plow through by the end of the month, I've made a stack beside my desk. As soon as I finish one book, I pick up another. It's time to read the ones I like and pass them on - and ditch the books I can't seem to chug through.

As for writing, I've logged about 2000 words this week. That's not very good, but it's better than nothing. Meh. I need to wrap up this story already so I can move on to the next project. Yeah, yeah, I know... Go ahead, break out the whip already.

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