Friday, November 12, 2010

Total Internal Reflection

Friday, how I love you. I'm having a pretty good day so far. No rush. Not as stressful as usual.

I woke up at 6:30, and thought about going back to bed once Mini got on the bus. Instead, I made a pot of coffee and headed off to the writing cave to work for a while. So, I've been writing most of the day, working on the pirate story. So far it's going okay. It's only going to be somewhere abouts 20k in length, so I'm thinking this one shouldn't take me too long to draft. At least, I hope it won't. *eyes the plot bunnies*

Tonight, I switch over to the vampires and put in a few words there. It's growing a little bit everyday, and yesterday I was able to knock a few more scene clouds off the list. I have an intense scene coming up tonight, so I'm going to work out a bullet list of what I want to happen before typing anything. I'll probably do that last this afternoon. For now, though, I'm very happy with the way the story is coming out.

This weekend, we can't afford to do much, so I'm gonna write all night then the next day, I plan to lounge around in my pajamas and read a couple of books I have in the TBR stack. The stack has grown to wild proportions, so I need to trim it back a bit. I'm taking a huge box of old books to the donation box at the library on Monday. I just don't have the room (or the patience to dust) this stuff anymore.

As it stands, I'm gradually clearing out my bookshelves. To help with the transition and book angst, I'm making a list of the titles I'll be able to replace in e-book format - ideally at a site that has a online bookshelf for their customers, like at Fictionwise. That way, if something ever happens to my e-reader, I haven't lost a fortune in books. Anyone else doing something similar?

That's the beat here, pretty much. I'm going to work on the pirates a little more before I have to go pick up Mini from school, so I'm out of here for now. Oh, by the way - today's picture so totally rocks me. Love all those subtle shade changes and blended colors. :8)

Happy weekend, everyone!

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  1. I still don't have an e-reader. When I do purchase an e-book I save it to my computer and read it there.

    I still like having the paper back or hardcover book in my hands. I am still collecting books by the box full and have overflowing books shelves, which I love. I can always use more boks, I just love getting a new book in the's like Christmas! I get excited each and every time I open that envelope. :)


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