Monday, November 15, 2010

Smoke in Your Ear

For the past week, I have had this weird nerve jumpy feeling in my ear. Sort of like a buzzing sensation. Yeah,'s my alien implant, right? It's probably due to years of playing bass guitar. Even with ear plugs the lower notes will vibrate right through you if you're standing in front of a stack. For reals. Anyway, I was looking up what to do about the jumpy feeling, and someone suggested having someone light up a cigarette and blow the smoke in your ear. If I didn't think cigarette smoke smells like dirty unwashed feet I might think that was kinda cool. Maybe even a little kinky. But, I think I'll pass.

In theory, the nicotine absorbs into the skin and calms the nerves. I wonder if that would work if you just stuck an unlit cigarette in your ear? Wouldn't the nicotine absorb through the paper and into your skin without the smoke?

One of hubby's ancient cigarettes, since I don't smoke.

I gave it a try, as you can clearly see. I sat with a cigarette in my ear for 15 minutes. Indeed. And I must say I notice no difference, other than the fact my fingers smell like tobacco. And probably my inner ear does too. It could be because the cigarettes are ancient, I have no idea. Hubby hasn't smoked in six months, so it could be the cigarettes are all dried out, withered, and worthless.

Oh well. It was worth a shot. And I have this lovely photo to commemorative my moment of desperation.
In the meantime, my ear is still twitchy, and it's driving me crazy. But life must go on...  

I read today that Tim Burton is going to make a Dark Shadows movie based on the 1960s television serial. Johnny Depp is going to play Barnabas. Boy, that's a transformation and a half since Barnabas from the TV show...well, he was nowhere on the same level of hotness as Johnny Depp. :3

Aside from the fan girl squee that is me going bonkers over the thought of Johnny Depp portraying a vampire, it reminds me of a blog conversation I read recently about people tiring of vampires in fiction. I pay close attention to what's hot in movies, because if you have a movie that explodes on the scene like with Twilight, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Carribean...anything that really kicks off a huge following, you see books crop up along the same stream, even if they do cross the age threshold into a new genre.

For example, all the books - YA and Adult revolving around magic school. Cecilia Tan wrote an interesting one that's definitely for adults only.

At the height of the first Pirates movie, there was an influx of pirate romances on the shelves. The market revolves that way. It just does. That's why it's always good to write what you love, but with the market in mind. So, if you have a gothic vampire manuscript you've been sitting on, dust that puppy off and get ready. Surf's up. Prepare to catch that Johnny Depp vampire wave.

Oh my gosh oh my gosh...I almost forgot to share this little masterpiece. I have been facedoubled. Heh. Fancy...


  1. That picture of the cigarette in your Funny stuff right there.

    My hubby quit smoking about 6 months ago too. Yea for no more smoke smells.

    Johnny Depp as barnabas...hmmm sounds mom will be very happy.

  2. Bleech! Get that thing outta your ear, girl! lol. You just need your C.C. fix to get rid of the jumpies. :D

    We've been told we have two weeks to get everything outta mum's apt. and the letter came to us a week late, since they go by the date of death, so we are scrambling. I will be hit and miss online until it all gets settled. Sucks, I tells ya. And I miss the old gal so very very much, not sure if I will ever stop.

  3. I am really glad for the no smoke smells, Mary. That's one thing I won't miss. ^_^

  4. LOL, Cass! I had to at least try it to see if it would work!

    You take your time, hon. Do your thing. Everything's under control here. ((hugs))


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