Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Okalies, you'll notice two posts today. I had to do something to sort all Pinkie laptop's old posts because of the hits I'm getting from yahoo answers. That post is so people can stop hunting for what they're looking for, and for linking purposes, so carry on, carry on... Nothing to see over there.

Last night I reached 30k on the vampires 2nd draft. 5k to go and I'll be dead center mid-point in the story. Almost there! I'd be there already, but I stripped out two whole chapters and tossed them in the "this really sucks" recycle bin. I have no use for slow chapters. I have five scenes left to work out, then I'll be officially over the hump.

I'm also working on the pirate story. On Sunday, I went back and changed up the beginning a bit. It's mostly sketchy notes right now, and I noticed the story doesn't really flow the way I want it to. I need to take a day to sit down and really sort through what I want to say with this book. That's the key problem, I think. I'm trying to pants my way through it and I'm horrible at pantsing. Meh. I'll miss every necessary plot point for sure. Already, the ideas don't seem cohesive throughout. I'm gonna have to bite the bullet, sit down and plot this thing.

On a completely different note, I talked to my BFF Cassie a little bit this morning in Second Life. We both had to check rents. Poor thing, she sounds harried and stressed. I wish there was something I could do to help her, bless her heart. I tried to meet her over in Awen, but their sim has been locking me out recently. I can't teleport in. And when I try to log in directly to that region, it tosses me into Oritz. Fuh. So very frustrating. I have a poster rental area I need to pay up. I have a booth for Connection over there.

It's 1pm, so I better take it real world. I have chores to do before I go pick up the Minibeast from school. There's a laundry mountain on the bed, waiting to be folded. Anyone wanna help?  Anyone? You can do all the socks. *crickets*  :3

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