Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Primped and Uploaded

Okalies. I've pulled together all my gotta-do-it work stuff for today. Everything is primped, uploaded, and scheduled. Except for this blog, which is never pre-uploaded. I'm pretty sure that's obvious, but whatever.
I spent the morning getting everything put away so I can write like a fiend this evening. Yesterday, I barely accomplished a thing. Around 4pm, I went to the living room to hang out with Mini and fell asleep on the couch watching DragonBall GT. I didn't wake up until 6, and by then I had to get Mini in the bath and toss all the dirty laundry in the wash.

I partly blame the time change. I went to bed at about 1 am, and was back up at 6 to get Mini ready for school. He was such a peach, by the way. I helped him get dressed, brushed his hair and went over his homework with him before he had to go outside. Then I stood around with him while he waited for the bus. It's freaking COLD out there in the early mornings. Especially if you're wearing Snoopy pajamas and flip flops. Oh, but the time change...I swear, I am so out of it. I went back to bed after Mini was on to school, and I slept until 9. It isn't like me at all to sleep that late. *_*

For the rest of the day I need to work on the vamps. Not much happened with those guys last night. As much as I hate it, now I've got to make up for lost time.

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