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Pinkie Laptop Chronicles

Welcome to the Pinkie Laptop Chronicles

It's been two years, but one of the hottest hits to my blog still comes from Yahoo Answers - people looking for information about my brief affair with a flamingo pink Dell Studio 15 laptop I named Pinkie. She was beautiful, she was sleek, she was sexy. Everything I thought I wanted in a computer. Instead, she was a dead fish right out of the box, and Dell put me through absolute hell to return her. So much so, I filed a complaint with the Louisiana State Attorney General's Office. Yeah, it's like that.

I am making the pinkie files its own post so curious people won't have to search my blog to find all the little posts about the endless days in digital hell. I want to state straight up that I ordered Pinkie directly from Dell, over the phone with their company. I had her customized, and totally maxed out with additional memory, wireless card, and a $300 business package that included MS Office Suite. I also PAID for a 2 year, "no questions asked" repair or return guarantee...which turns out to be complete bullshit. The cost of the computer with taxes (before finances charges) $2100.00 USD.  I can honestly say I will never, ever, ever buy a Dell again.

Below, is the post from Yahoo Answers, that more than likely drew you here:

I've owned two Dell computers - Inspirion 1535 and a Studio 15. I've been using the Inspirion for several years now - it's been tough as nails, even though it's considered Dell's lower end computer. Good things to know is that it has ethernet and dialup ports, 4usb slots, internal wireless, and the casing is a firmer, higher quality plastic that seems to have weathered better than any other laptop I've owned. I've not had a single issue with the OS, or any of the hardware - the computer I have is old though, and so the monitor is finally playing out.

This past August I wanted to replace the Inspirion with a flamingo pink Dell Studio 15 and ordered one maxed out with memory and other features. I thought I was upgrading from what I had, but right out of the box, I had no way to connect to the internet - there is no dialup port, only an ethernet connection, and it had a Verizon broadband card that you must activate by getting an account through Verizon. Well, there is no Verizon service in my area, so the computer was basically dead in the water as far as the net went. There was no way for me to connect.

Another thing I noticed about the Dell 15, when I took it out of the box it had a very "tinny" sound. CDs didn't sound all that great on it - and they were hard to eject. The Dell 15 has no external eject button for the CD drive. You must go through media player or "my computer" and click to eject the disc - a big pain in the rump. Also, the CD Drive is open faced - not one that opens and closes. It's a slot you insert the CD into. If you are around small children, this isn't a good idea. All it would take is a toddler sticking a penny in there and it would kill the CD drive - and there's no slot door to block that from happening.

Back to the tinny sound - about two weeks after I took my Dell Studio out of the box, the sound card went out. Dead as dead can be. So, that meant there was no internet for it, and now no sound card. I decided then was time to call Dell and return the Studio 15.

Even though I supposedly had a satisfaction guarantee waranty, I went through a month of pure hell trying to return this computer, which I've dubbed "Pinkie laptop". I chronicled this horrendous account on my blog at http://corazane.blogspot.com

If you care to do a search for "laptop" or "Pinkie laptop" or "Dell" on that blog, it should bring up a list of posts - nearly a day by day account for a solid month - reporting the inexcusable run- around Dell put me through in order to return this computer.

If good tech support is going to be something you want with your computer, don't get a Dell. I recommend going with a Mac, or some different brand of Window based laptop.

Just my two cents....
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I grouped all the Pinkie posts by month, but I did not organize them chronologically - I didn't have time to re-read through them all. Think of it as reading a diary out of order. All the info is there so you'll still get the full effect. Now, with no further ado, here is a list of many reasons Dell can suck it:



http://corazane.blogspot.com/2008/11/got-gateway.html   - (Got a Gateway)

There are even more customer complaints about Dell here: 


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