Monday, November 08, 2010

No Shirt, No Shoes...

Kinda tired this evening and feel sort of blah. My BFF called me early on this morning and let me know her Mum passed away. Poor thing is understandably devastated, and it was hard to keep it together for her. Today I've gone around doing little nit picky things to tie up loose ends as best I can so she doesn't have to worry about anything online.

Now that everyone's been fed and is off in their corner doing their own thing, I may poke through a few chapters on the vampire novel. I really don't like this scene I'm working on. It's kind of a quick transition for the characters. They're leaving one heavy event and moving into another, and this is sort of the pacer scene in the middle. It's on my cloud sheets, and I've followed everything to the letter but... I hate it. There I said it. I hate this section. I guess that sort of answers my own question with what I should do with it, huh?

Anyway, that's on the agenda tonight. Oh, and I need to finish up a crochet project. Brace for it. I'm making legwarmers. Yes. I am. They are green and yellow striped. They were supposed to be rainbow striped - green, yellow, pink, and blue - but the pink and blue yarn has vanished without a trace. The sock gnomes were in need, I guess. Bummer. They don't have the colors in stock anymore. (Just for the sake of saying so, I'll probably find the other two skeins six months from now. When I don't need them.)

So there it is. A day in the life. If you're able, go give your mama a hug, okay? Because life is too damn short.


  1. I'm sure Cass is greatful to have a great friend like you to be there for her in this most difficult time.


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