Monday, November 01, 2010

NaNo Mania and Workshops for Free

I'm a little sad I won't be participating in NaNo this year, but with current goals and obligations, I just don't have room for more stress. I'm very proud of my area for their NaNo support though. The North Louisiana group has scheduled write-ins in both Nachitoches and Shreveport. What an awesome support net to have - and a great way to meet other area writers.

Also happening today, Harlequin Enterprises is running a five day workshop bonanza called So You Think You Can Write. The cool thing with Harlequin is they are always genuinely looking for fresh talent, and their staff is very supportive of new writers.I've seen the agenda they have going for SYTYCW and I know I'll be popping in to check out many of the events. To see what is currently going on, drop by . They already have several SYTYCW posts going. Don't miss out. A free workshop is a great opportunity to learn about craft and industry.

That's all for now. I have a dozen packages to mail out, a manuscript to clean up, and I'm starting a new workshop on editing this morning. I'm sure somewhere in all that, I'll find plenty to do today. November This year has really zipped by, hasn't it?


  1. all these worshops sound so cool...unfortunatelly we dont really have such things in germany...:-/

  2. Danielle, were you unable to visit the Harlequin website from your location? I'll be happy to share my notes with you is you want them.


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