Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dystopian Fairyland...and MSWord

Mini is home from school today, so of course, the water company decides today is the perfect day to cut off the water to work on the system. Earlier this morning, every five minutes the kid wanted something else to drink until finally we ran out of juice, and we're out of milk, and cola, and just everything, so I'm thinking I better run to the store before I have to knock a king size knot on the little beggar's head.

So, I took the kids with me and did the rounds, and even brought home water in jugs so I can cook supper and do homey things. Tonight we are having chicken and dressing per hubby's request. By the end of November we should be totally sick of dressing and cranberry sauce since I'll be cooking it again at Thanksgiving, and having it over at mom's for dinner there. Heh.

Early this morning I worked on the futuristic pirate story, and added 2k. I really should have kept up with working on the word template I was given since I had to stop and think about how to use the ribbon every few minutes. Oy very. Anyway, that story is coming along okay, but I'm gonna have to amp it up since it's not very romantic. Yet.

Tonight, it's back to the vampires. I cut two scenes yesterday and rewrote that section of the book from scratch. It makes more sense now and the flow is better. Yay! I can officially mark off two more clouds on my cloud sheets, so moving right along with that...

I've discovered that instead of glopping thoughts down on the page, it's better for me to write everything in simple sentences for the first draft. This is so very, very much easier to clean up and edit. Too, it's is easier to read through it and see what I intended to say with each scene. Just a random thought.

Anyway, about today's photo. I found it while browsing on Deviant Art. I absolutely love the picture above. It reminds me of Paul J. McAuley's Fairyland, which is a really cool techno/genetic/cyber fantasy book I recommend, if you haven't read it already.

That's all for now. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday! For those looking to connect with me, I am also on facebook and twitter. If you're a real person and have something to say, I'm happy to follow back.

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