Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend Accountability

This weekend, I edited a full chapter from the vampire book. Okay, editing doesn't even begin to cover what I did to this thing. I tore the heart out, broke bones, removed ribs then took the whole big gooey mess and reshaped it into a chapter that said pretty much the same thing, just in a better, clearer way.

After undergoing 12 hours of reconstructive surgery, it's polished and has finally been tossed onto the finished stack. I'm about half way through the next chapter. As you can probably guess, It's very slow going, but at least something is getting done.

Tomorrow I'm going to try my best to get this new chapter polished and on the final stack. I had a near freak out moment earlier today when I opened my master WIP and there were only 14 pages. Um, yeah, that was a little disconcerting since I left it somewhere around 253 pages. Apparently I'd made a duplicate so I could tear apart the theme. I tossed that sucker in the trash. No more heart attack moments for me, thank you very much.

Anyway, it's going to be a long week ahead. The Little Rock trip is coming up, and I'm not sure Oldest has sent off his forms yet. If not, that will be the primary agenda for tomorrow. Anyway, I'm off for now. Sassie Dog came in covered in dirt, so she has to have a bath before I can go to bed.

Hope your weekend was a happy one!


  1. ..again..its amazing how you work..if that vampire book isnt a awsome sucker in teh end a good way i mean..then i dont know :-))))

  2. Thanks, Danielle. :*) I'm really excited about this story, more so than any other book I've ever worked on, so I hope it turns out the way I want it. ^_^


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