Monday, October 04, 2010

They Call Me Sta-Cey

What a gorgeous Monday morning!  It was chilly first thing out of bed, and this is the first day I've had to send Mini to school wearing trousers instead of shorts. Much approval from me. I'm tired of the blistering summer heat.

The Man isn't feeling good. On top of that, he drove all the way to work (2 hrs one way), and realized he'd forgotten his work keys, so he's back home and taking the day off. Poor guy. He hasn't said much, didn't drink any coffee this morning, and generally looks like someone who has been plowed down by the sick truck.

Not only is he not feeling well, but my crit partner and BFF Cassandra Curtis is in the hospital. I talked to her on the phone and she sounded so very weak. Poor thing. :*(

Today is the first day of Lori Wilde's Plotting from Theme workshop. This is my last elements workshop of the year. In November I'm taking a self edits class. I signed up for it several months ago. It's not one of the six basic elements of fiction writing, but I'm thinking it will be useful in the long run. I won't be signing up for any other 'shops this year though. I have to focus on getting the vampire novel patched up and polished so I can send it on. It's edging a little closer everyday. I'm going to take advantage of NaNoWriMo motivation to get any rewrites completed. Anyone else NaNo'ing this year?

The boot camp is coming up this weekend, so Thursday I'm off to the salon. For those who follow astrology, Venus is going retrograde soon, and since Venus reigns over beauty and therefore beauty treatments, it's theoretically risky to go for a cosmetic procedure during that time. I'm going in before the retro because I'm paranoid. And because I have a history of past hair disasters. I have faith in my stylist, I just prefer to leave nothing to chance. Anyway, I'm getting my hair razored again. I'm taking the blonde/pink combo picture for my stylist. I won't be going pink, but that's definitely the cut.

Last time I got highlights, but they were super subtle. I want to go with a two-tone color this time though, a little more blonde, though not a head full of it. Oh, and I do love the look of Jes's pink, peek-a-boo bangs. I'm in my mid-thirties so I'm thinking more neutral tones would look best on me. Maybe a blonde/brown color clash, with the blonde concentrated on top.

At any rate, I usually give ideas to my stylist and let her judge what would work best for me. She knows more about proper tones, and the texture of my hair. Once I'm back home from the chop shop, I'll post pictures of the new 'do.

That's all I've got going on at the moment. Stuff. I guess I better get back to work, or at least make it look like I'm working. ;0)  Hope you all have a snazzy Monday.

That's not!

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