Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Slightly Off Balance

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Mini is back to school tomorrow, so once I get him on the bus and the house has settled from the morning chaos, I'll be back in the office catching up on writerly things. I have rewrites to work on, and I need to check in over at the theme workshop.

Oldest found out yesterday his enlistment into the Coast Guard is going to be a three part process. So, it looks like we'll be making three trips to Little Rock before it's all said and done.

We're taking him for his physical on the 25th. We have to schedule him to retake the ASVAB test, too. He took it his freshman year, and had well above the required score, but apparently the results are only good for two years. We had no idea. The last trip we take will be for his actual enlistment.

When I was at the grocery store earlier today, I ran into my mom and she asked Oldest if he was 100% sure the Coast Guard is what he wants to do. I think my parents secretly believe hubby and I pushed him into it, when Oldest actually surprised us with his decision. We suggested it as a possibility, since he has always wanted to travel and go on an "adventure" (those are his words). Then again, I also suggested the Peace Corp. But that was the end of it. Then, one morning I walked into the kitchen and he came out of his room to tell me he'd  registered online. I thought Hubby would fall out when I called him later and told him about it. Just this afternoon, Oldest told me he planned to go in as a cook.

Anyway, I know now that's what we're going to be doing over the next few weeks?  Months? I have no idea for sure how long this is going to take. Mini went through a crying jag over it earlier today because he thought his bubba was going to war. I had to explain that bubba would be going through training, and showed Mini some videos of the Coast Guard doing helicopter rescues and such. He seems to accept it better when we explain he will be rescuing people.

Once I sat down and thought about it this evening, I realized just how strange this is going to be not having him in the house. Depending on when Oldest goes to basic training, we may not have him home for Thanksgiving or Christmas. This will be the first time he won't be home for a holiday.

Yep, it's going to be a big change. For all of us.


  1. ((hugs)) It always feels weird at first when the baby bird grows up and leave the nest...or so my mum says. :)

    Then again, she converted my old room into a storage compartment, I think. lol. Just how many skeins of yarn did she need anyways? ;p

  2. ...skeins of yarn...hehehehe

    My mom's old house was a 1920's shotgun wonder. A huge house. I believe my room was a pantry to start with, because it was right off of the kitchen, and there was a second doorway that went off into another bedroom.

    Anyway, a week after I moved out (let's waste no time, shall we?) mom converted my room into a sitting room for holidays. There was a chair and daybed in there, and during the holidays (which it was at the time) that's where she put Christmas tree and buffet table.

    The first time I visited after the switch, I realized that place wasn't "home" anymore. Her new house - which I've never lived in - has that same feel to it.

    I don't plan to do that to Oldest. I have my office already, so I'm going to thoroughly clean his room, and leave it as is.

    Once he moves out permanently moves and takes his stuff with him, I'll probably get a spare bed and put in there for guests.


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