Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sassie vs. the Office Ghost?

 Beautiful Thursday!  This week has seemed so mixed up because of Mini's schedule. After I put him on the bus this morning, I went back to bed and slept for another hour and a half. I got up around 9:30, talked to dad on the phone, and now I'm settling in to get a little work done.

Yesterday I came up with a brand new idea for a novella that would be perfect for Ellora's Cave, so I wrote down all the pertinent information and stored it in a word file on my desktop. I won't be able to start on that until I finish up the vampires, though. I'm taking it a scene at a time with the vampires, and fixing anything that doesn't work, adding in anything I missed, and in some cases rewriting the scenes entirely.

You know, sometimes I forget that I am working out of the "haunted" room in our house. We have four bedrooms, and this room was Oldest's when we first moved in, but he was always scared of it. He said he always felt like he was being watched, or that someone was in the room with him. When hubby and I moved our bedroom into the back bedroom for more space, Oldest too our room on the right corner of the house. He's been happy there ever since. I had my home office at the back of the house, in the smallest bedroom, which does not have a closet. When I got pregnant with Mini it was natural to turn Oldest's old bedroom into the nursery. So we did. I figured if Mini grew up in there, he wouldn't be afraid of the room like Oldest was.

Wrong answer.

Mini wouldn't even play in the third bedroom, much less sleep in it. In fact, he slept with Hubby and me until I finally said, "You're too big!" and made him move into a toddler bed. Even now, he gets up in the middle of the night and climbs into bed with us. But that's not uncommon.

Since both boys were too afraid to stay in the "haunted" room, I decided to make it my office. We took a weekend and shuffled furniture, repainted my Old office for Mini and set it up with two book cases and a dresser for his clothes. I've been using the nursery as my office for at least a year now.

The windows rattle, but that's the only thing spooky-ish I've noticed. Then again, this house was built in the late sixties or early seventies. They didn't use the energy efficient panes back then, and we've never bothered to replace them. Anyway, I've long since said my peace with the ghosts in this room. As long as they don't mess with my computer, my papers, or my coffee, all will be well.

And now, there is this deal with SassieDog. Yesterday, around noon, she started acting weird. Like staring at walls with her ears back or up, and her tail between her legs. There are two front doors to our house, because the house was built in two sections. She kept staring at the hallway door as if expecting someone to walk through it. We never use that door. It's locked, and can't be opened from the outside.

During her staring into space routine, she'll sometimes flinch at the weirdest moment and take off running. It's like she sees something otherwise invisible to the rest of us, and has a panic attack. This went on until Hubby came home, and then she wouldn't let hubby pick her up. She was pacing the house, and at times hiding under the dining room table. Even when she did calm down enough to lounge with Hubby in the recliner, she didn't really relax. She'd sit there like a Sphinx with her ears on high alert.

Today it's the same thing. I can't figure out what it is that has her so spooked. Certainly nothing she encountered outside. Our dogs are inside furbabies, although they have a huge fenced yard that is actually connected to the back of the house, so they can go out through the utility room. They are never allowed to roam the neighborhood. So, I have no clue to what might be causing her paranoia. My only conclusion is that baby dog is nuts.

That's it for now. I'm going to snag the last cup of coffee and get writing. Happy Thursday, everyone!

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