Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Red Tuesday

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An update on the vampire revisions...I'm roughly a fourth of the way there. (My manuscript is separated into four parts right now. Beginning - beginning/middle - end/middle - Ending)

I've now gone through all the scenes on my first cloud sheet, twelve in all. My word count is a little short, but I'm not worrying about that just yet. I re-wrote the scenes that needed it, and added in the three additional scene cards (green note cards). Pretty much, the entire beginning of the book is there.

Tonight I'll print it all up and do a throughly line edit on everything there. By the time I'm done with that, I'm pretty sure two of the scenes will ended up greatly expanded. I'll be surprised if not. I'll be working on that until it's polished to my satisfaction, and once it's done, I'll move on to the next section of manuscript and start the process all over again.

How do you do revisions?  Do you go one chapter at a time?  Scene per scene?  Have a crit partner run through your draft with a fine tooth comb?  I'd love to hear your revision strategies if you'd care to share.

Today, while putting away bath towels, I knocked a box down on top of my head and found a package of Garnier Nutrisse that I bought two years ago. I don't remember why exactly I bought it at the time, but I'm notorious for impulse buying hair color then putting it away for later. Right now I've got at least 7 boxes of hair color back in the bathroom cabinet: a garnet color from Feria, a champagne blonde, a frosting kit, two boxes of dark blonde and a few others. I should take a picture of the stash. Anyway, the color on the Garnier Nutrisse box is medium golden mahogany brown. I shuffled it in with the other boxes of hair color and put the towels away. Blah blah.

However as I was writing, the lure of untapped chemicals began to sing the siren song that can only mean one thing: impulse hair change. I had a hard time choosing whether to use the Feria or the Garnier, but ended up going with the lighter of the two tones because my hair had so much blonde on top. Notice - HAD.

Around 9 thirty, hubby called home and asked what I was up to. Ooooh, nothing. This, as I'm talking on the phone with a head full of hair dye. 35 minutes later, I ended up with this:

No make up in either of these photos, so don't freak out. :P

The box said brown tones, but I figured with my starting hair color it would end up a medium auburn. I was right. Red hair always makes my freckles more obvious, but what the heck.

I think it's cute. I hope Mini recognizes me when I pick him up from school.

Anyway, that's that. I trimmed my fringe a little since I took these this morning, but it didn't make that much of a change. Just enough to get the hair out of my eyes. I wonder what hubby's gonna say when he sees it. Ah well, he knows I'm a color junkie. He shouldn't be too surprised. And at the very least, he should be glad that I didn't have to pay for it, per say. The color was already here, so I didn't go buy anything.

Off to load the dishwasher before I have to go pick up Mini Bear. Bless his little heart. He got his first report card yesterday (did I mention that already? #oldage) and he managed all As...except for his conduct grade. LOL Yep, that's my little Gemini chatterbox. Oh well, he still got an S for satisfactory. ^_^

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. ah cora...my work..how i work through it??? i have to confess i usually dont...i just write the damn thing and then send it off to my editor who spell checks it (my german editor is a wonderful person and i totally would be lost without her) and then makes an appointment with me to speak about the manuskript and also hands me a list with advices about what i might should change about the plot or so...

    so..then back home..working it over one last time..and off it goes to its new home...

  2. Oh wow! Your first draft must be pretty clean, Danielle - very cool!

    My first draft is always a horrifying mess, I'm sad to say. It's barely readable. It takes at least one extensive revision to make it suitable for a reader's eyes.

  3. I adore the new color! It looks fabulous on you, sugar. And freckles be damned. lol.

    My secret is my oldest sister who happens to be a beautician. She does my hair. Of course, she's also talked me into some seriously daring do's over the years. Like platinum blond, frosted & streaked ash, blood red, lemon yellow, cherry-cola, and plum/magenta. lol.

    And I've had every imaginable hair style and cut as well. ;P

    Not all turn out as fabulous as they might seem at first. In fact, the worst was when I had sis cut my hair super short everywhere but the back, and then leave a long tail of hair, and we braided it then bleached it golden blond. Of course, the rest of my hair was not blond, so it really looked odd. At the time, I thought it would be so cool, but afterward--not so much. rofl. Gotta love the 80's. lol.

  4. clean??? me??..ha..i wish..my manuscripts are always so full of mistakes missing , and i also have a hard time with das and dass and so on...german grammar is a bitch:-)...but its true that i rarely change anything anymore once the story is written..which might be that way because i plan a whole lot before i start writting...so maybe i m rather a pre-worker then a postworker???

    talking about me totally made me forget about comenting on your haircolor!! so...the new one is nice but..i totally see you as a blonde person...already wrote that a while ago on your hairpost but blogger ate it..:-/ so you totally have the hair and face for blonde haircolors..but it have to be "clear" ones..stay away from colors which are too yellow or too golden....gah...i have 3 sisters and my cousin is a hairdresser..i can hold a speech on haircolor in my sleep...lol

  5. Love the hair color! I'm always such a great big wuss when it comes to coloring my hair. I've only dyed it once in my life, which was actually last year around this time. It's all grown out by now.

    For revisions my writers group and husband read the story chapter by chapter and help me find the mistakes then, after I make the changes, I read it out loud to make sure there aren't any editing mistakes. If there's a wrong tense or a word missing I tend to stumble while reading it.

  6. Thanks, Danielle. :*) You are sharp with hair color theory! I actually was a blonde when I was younger, and went bottle blonde for many years.

    Cass, oh gee...if I was lucky enough to have a sister that was a hairdresser, I'd be driving her crazy with how often I change my hair, LOL!

  7. Thanks for sharing your revision process, Chandra. And btw, your natural hair color is gorgeous. No need for bottle color. :0)


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