Sunday, October 10, 2010

Micro Holiday

I'm sad to see the weekend go, but I get two more days of being able to sleep in because of Mini's fall break. Now, being able to sleep in doesn't mean I actually will - sometimes Mini is up at 5:30 and wide awake. But it's all good because I won't have to get up and stand at the door to watch for the bus. *thumbs up*

Boot camp is over, and I think it went very well. I met several new people who were specifically interested in writing erotic romance, and one of the ladies in particular said she'd been looking forward to meeting me because she likes my e-books. How very sweet of her! She has said she wants to join the chapter, and I hope she will. It would be awesome to have more erotica writers on board.

The e-publishing information I pulled together for the panel is now available as a free download on Scribd. It's intended for new, unpublished writers, so if you've thought about writing e-books, it will hopefully answer a few basic questions for you.

Now that boot camp is out of the way, I'll be focusing on getting the vampire book out the door. If I am not around on twitter and facebook as usual, that's why.  I'm giving myself to the end of the year. It would thrill me to bits if I could have it ready to send in sometime in December.
What a Christmas gift that would be - submitting a full.

So there you have it, the weekend dirty. Everything has been relatively calm and peaceful, and I can certainly appreciate that. I'll have both boys home until Wednesday, then it's back to the grind. So I'm going to try and enjoy the time I have, while I have it. Nite nite, everyone! :*)


  1. I'm so glad everything went well at the Boot Camp. And yeah for the vamps! It's time, girl. ((hugs))

  2. Thanks, CC. ((hugs)) Yeah, I think it's time. My outline can't get any more detailed than it already is.


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