Thursday, October 07, 2010

I Wish I May

This week is going by so fast!  Tomorrow I'm off to the salon to have my hair shredded and blonded. I have all the hair pictures ready for my stylist, and my phone is charged so I can call my mom to pick up the Minibear if it looks like I won't be back home in time.

This weekend is the free to the public, NolaStars Writing Boot Camp in Bossier City. It's going to be held in the History Center (attached to the Bossier Parish Library) on Saturday from 9 am - 2:30. I have about half of my worksheets printed so far. So a little more to do before I'm ready to go. I'm totally looking forward to it. I always leave our writing meetings motivated and ready to hammer away at the keyboard. If you're in the Shreveport-Bossier area (or feel like driving the distance) I hope you'll drop by and hang out with us.

I'm a couple of days into the theme workshop I talked about a couple of days ago. In the meantime, I've been prepping my manuscript for the write-in. I've been going over all my notes, adding scenes, changing things, etc. It's almost ready to start the clean up. Almost. It's gonna be a job and a half to do this main pass, but I'm super psyched about this book. I love these characters to bits. The hero gives me butterflies! ^_^

Speaking of butterflies...

Hubby and I have decided where we're going on our anniversary at the end of the month. Or rather, Oldest decided for us. He surprised us a few days ago with news that he'd decided to join the coast guard. While we're nervous about it, we're supportive of his decision.

There are three "nearby" recruiting offices: New Orleans, Little Rock, Arkansan, and Jackson, Mississippi. Since hubby is going to be off the week of our anniversary, and Oldest needs to go to a recruitment center, we let Oldest choose where he would like to go. He chose Little Rock. So, for our 20th anniversary, Hubby and I will be taking Oldest to Arkansas to enlist. I'm happy for him, and a little sad. My baby is growing up, and moving out. It's hard not to worry.

Well's after midnight here in the great big CST. I better get to bed. I have beautifying to do tomorrow. Night night, everyone! 


  1. Oh cool! So happy for Oldest and for ya'll. No matter where you decide to stay, have a great time in Little Rock. Oh and tell the hubster that if he wants to get in on some ghost activity while on vacation, check out the Mount Holly Cemetery. Lots of cool evps and stuff from that location. ;)

  2. Meant to say, have a great time at boot camp! Woot!


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