Friday, October 08, 2010

Getting Stuff Together

Zombie Antoinette

Hurray for Friday!  On top of that hurray - I'll add another because Mini doesn't have to go back to school until Tuesday because of fall break. *dance, dance*  

Tomorrow is the NOLAStars Boot Camp for writers. I think I have everything together aside from the book marks and such to put out on the giveaway table. I have all my worksheets printed out and stapled, and I'm going to drop by the store in the morning to pick up something to carry for lunch. Afterward, if my sisters can meet up with me, I'm heading over to Chef Lee's before the ride home. 

Speaking of my boot camp worksheets. For those who cannot attend, I'll be posting a free pdf version of the E-publishing Basics for free on Scribd this Sunday. It's the same sheets I've printed to carry to the Bossier meeting. 

So anyway...on to other things...Oldest got skint a few hours ago. Hubby came home early from work and I hadn't yet run errands. Oldest wanted to go, but needed a shower. And the minute he came out of his bedroom, I noticed his hair has gone from fluffy on top to Big Top bozo proportions. I am not kidding. I told him before he got i the shower, I wanted the hair shaved. Since he's going into the Coast Guard anyway, he might as well shave it. Hubby took the trimmers and I kid you not, his hair had gotten so thick it nearly jammed the blades on the razor! *_* 

When he came out of the shower, he looked like a different kid. Heh. He said it felt great. I can imagine it does. After he got out of there, I went in to change shirts and brush my teeth before jetting off to the store and his wad of hair in the trash looked like we'd thrown away a shaggy blonde dog. Yikes! That's disturbing and fascinating all at the same time.

That's all for now. I need to check in on my theme class and wash clothes for tomorrow. Oh, and now I have a request from Mini. Chicken nuggets and macaroni. Sounds so good for a growing kid, doesn't it?  Fine, fine...but he's gonna have to pick a vegetable to go with. All that aside... Happy weekend! 


  1. Have a good time at the boot camp, sugar! ((hugs))

  2. Boot camp was lotsa fun, girl. There are a couple of cool pictures on FB. ^_^


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