Thursday, October 21, 2010

Black Magic Thursday

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Thursday has it in for me. Hubby called me to let me know the yellow Jeep is having transmission problems. Every doctor Oldest has ever gone to - with the exception of one - has somehow lost his medical records. My BFF called, and I think her boyfriend needs his legs broken. And at the end of the day, once hubby made it home we hosted our own vomit fest. One minute he says "do I feel like I'm running a fever to you?", and the next... Well, you get the idea.

Sigh. In a few minutes I'm going to figure out something for supper. Mini got a "happy face" at school today - which means he didn't get in any trouble - so I think I'll have him help me make that potato salad I talked about fixing yesterday. But what can I make to go with it... I may have to peek in the deep freezer.

Today I added 2k to the vampire book. I'm trying to make sure  all the information I need at the beginning of the book is packed in there before I print it up for proofing. I'd hoped to be on that already, but life happens. A lot, apparently. The second draft is currently sitting at a little over 12k (approximately 40 pages), which is roughly the target I'd had set for the beginning section. Any less than that, and I think my book might come up too short. I DON'T want to go another round with this thing, so...more tidying up before moving on to section 2 (of 4). I'd actually be thrilled if the beginning word count would go over by two thousand words or so. I like having that buffer zone. 

I have a folder on my desktop with nothing but bits and pieces of this story, and I cleared out several note pages today. That felt pretty good. Tonight I'll be copy and pasting some stuff directly from older versions of this story into my main document. Pieces that don't need much work, that are ready to be patched in. That should jump jump up my word count a bit too.  

In looking at the conflict up close, I think I need to add a little more to my hero's plate. Something to really push his buttons.  A sense of doom to hang over his head, so he worries about the ax dropping through the entire story. So, that's another thing I have to work on tonight. Despite the slow going process, and a few moments of doubt, I'm starting to see a sliver of progress. It doesn't stop me from wishing I could wave a magic wand over the whole thing, and wish it finished, though. ;0)

That's all for now. I hear Mini playing ball in the dining room. My mom senses tell me disaster is imminent, so I better step i. Have a wicked Thursday, everyone!  


  1. Dah!Dah!Dah! Super.....Mom!

  2. Having little ones in the house always makes getting anything done seem so much harder...because it is.

    But now that my daughter is all grown up and moved's too quiet.


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