Saturday, October 23, 2010

Black Cat on My Doorstep

I planned a blog post for yesterday, but Google Chrome has been giving me fits. I went rounds with a website, trying to get things to load, and once I contacted tech support, they asked me what browser I was using. Turns out Google Chrome can't always process every bit of java script, so it simply decides not to load the page. Uh, inconvenient much? *_* So, I'm now using another browser and the things I couldn't access before are now working just fine.

Yesterday I hopped into Second Life to attend Cassandra "Sharktooth" Curtis's Near Death Experience workshop over at Haunted Fruit Islands - Fig. She talked about her own NDE as well as went over some of the basic and most common elements of NDEs. What a great presentation!

And what a great place to have the presentation... Haunted Fruit Island - Fig is absolutely gorgeous this time of year. The sim owner has decked out every square inch in a Halloween theme. There is a haunted Carosel, a haunted house ride, a corn maze, and in the picture below, Cass is standing in front of the Spider Queen's lair. It's a truly beautiful sim to walk through.  

Yesterday afternoon Oldest and I drove to Ruston to pick up his medical records for enlistment in the Coast Guard. We were told on the phone to arrive at the doctor's office before 3pm. We got there at 2:40, and apparently they decided to close early, because the doors were locked and there was no note. ARG. That was a complete waste of time and gas money.

When we got back home, I had Oldest call around, and on Monday we're going to see if they will fax a copy of his records to us. Otherwise, I have to make another drive to Ruston. We will see.

All next week hubby will be off work. He's taking vacation time for our anniversary, although with the current issues with his yellow Jeep, I'm kinda doubting we'll end up in Little Rock - unless Oldest has all his papers by then. On Friday, hubby called home to inform me the transmission is going out on the Jeep. At this point, he may just have to park it and tinker with it on the weekends. Dad and Jay just replaced the transmission in dad's truck, and that was a $900 operation when you figure in the cost of a new tranmission, three trips to Monroe, extra things needed to seat the transmission in there. It makes me dizzy just thinking about it. I have no idea where we'll get the money to cover repairs for mustard Jeep. A call to the dealership nearly KO'd me. Just for the diagnosis of what "might" be wrong would cost us $88 an hour, and we'd likely have to tow the Jeep up there so they could even look at it. And that $88 doesn't cover any repairs. That is just to hook our Jeep up to a diagnosic machine. He told us that and I thought, you gotta be fucking kidding me. So that's one full scoop on our plate right now.

I've started on section 2 of my vampire manuscript. There are over 24 scenes to straighten out, clean up, whatever. I'm trying to psyche myself up for it. Telling myself that when this section is done I'll be half way through the book. There is a lot to this section though. For now, it seems like a daunting task. I wish I could be one of those writers who can just lay it down, tidy it up and go. But my thinking process (and writing process) just doesn't work that way. C'est la vie.

There you have it, the weekend skinny. I'm going up to the store in a few minutes to pick up a copy of Jonah Hex for the hubster, and some popumcorms for the boys. After that, it's nose to the grind stone.

What are your weekend plans?  Doing anything special?  Reading any new books?


  1. ((hugs)) on the Jeep issue. My engine light keeps coming on and I am trying my best to ignore it, since they said they "think" it's the electrical sending unit, basically a dashboard malfunction and nothing that would hurt the drive-ability of the vehicle. But still, I get heebie jeebies seeing that light on, eeps!

    ((hugs )) too on the manuscript. At least you are making headway. I can't even climb into the headspace needed to write or edit. ugh. Will this year of hell ever end? Great Goddess, I sure hope so. Whew.

    Thanks again for the workshop pic and the kind words. I love nothing more than getting a group of people together and discussing the paranormal. The only thing that would have been better was if we'd served fried chicken and cornbread. Heehee. :P

  2. I hd to change browsers too, I was Internet Explorer and went to Firefox and now things are working a lot better for me.


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