Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Work Your Plan

I'm so very tired, so this blog post probably won't be very long. I've been staying up quite late to keep up with things, and I'm starting to feel run down for it. Anyway...

Tuesday was a bit of a nightmare starting out. It took two and a half hours on the phone to realize I was going to have to figure out a way to pay for car insurance that I can't really afford. Basically, I ended up spending $200.00 that I didn't have. (Yep, I should be feeling that one when the bill comes in next month.) I did manage to "pay"the insurance though, and keep it another month. It's ridiculous I have to budget down our essentials like food, water, and electricity so I can have insurance on my fucking car.

Once I got that situated it was almost noon, so I dragged all my writing stuff to the bedroom so I could spread the pages out Willy-nilly on the bed. There simply isn't enough desk space to do that in my office. I ended up note carding 10 scenes, and I wrote out a plot sheet - trying to figure out where my book stands and where I want it to be. Tomorrow I'll compare the beginning to the ending. I have to make sure everything is balanced, for example: if my heroine has admitted she's afraid of water at the beginning of the story, she must somewhere face her fear by the end of the book. That also counts as checking for extraneous information. If it doesn't lead anywhere or follow up later in the story, I need to cut it.

Yes, all this sounds like weirdness, but it's part of the way I work. I won't start charting missing scenes until everything is balanced, but it will make things a lot easier if it's all note carded first. I'll also be able to play around with the timeline, something I'm definitely going to have to do. I've never had this trouble before, but what with all the space travel involved, I've landed myself in timeline hell. I'll post more about that later, in specifics. At this point it's looking like I'll probably save that chunk of misery for the weekend. I haven't decided yet.

One thing for sure, though, the sexual tension in this book is through the roof. My hero makes my stomach all aflutter. *sigh* Every time I read through one of the romancey parts, it reminds me why I shouldn't give up on these characters. Right now it's a hard climb, but in the end, I think the struggle will be worth it.

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