Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wish For Your Dream

I've had a fabulous, relaxing weekend. I've gone to zero pains to exert myself, and I like that just fine. Hubby got a bit growly on Saturday - he's been without a cigarette for quite a few days now - so instead of walking around on eggshells I hauled the boys over to my mom's and while they did their own thing, I worked on my giveaway sheet for boot camp.

My giveaway sheet is finished now, save for the resource paragraph at the bottom. Oh, and I think I'm supposed to add a short bio at the end. Eek! Am I the only one that hates to write a bio?

Tomorrow I have to go buy a bag of candy to donate to the Fall Festival, and I need to pick up snacks for Mini's class. We're the snack ho's on Tuesday this week. I think I'm going to buy those Chex mix trail packs or something. We'll see. Oh, and I need to try and reach my stylist and see if I can get in this week. I'm getting razored again, and lots of new color. I have a picture printed of the style I want and everything.

Speaking of haircuts, I gave Mini monster a snip tonight. I trimmed the sides of his hair and thinned the back. I also trimmed his fringe. He has class pictures on Tuesday and I want him to look sharp. ~_^

Earlier today I started cleaning up the vamp novel. I ended up cutting off the first three scenes and reworking them from scratch. Overall, roughly 3400 words. Once I have these scenes all cleaned up, I'll move on to the next three. Rinse and repeat.

It's shaping up to be a busy week, so I'm trying to prepare myself for it. If I'm scarce around here over the next few days, there will be no wondering why. Plot bunnies!

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