Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Weekend Skinny

Saturday, how I <3 you. There are no set plans for this weekend, only family together time. I'll be doing a bit of writing and revising, of course, but it's not so hectic right now that I can't stop and watch movies with the guys, or take a trip to my mom's.

I'm caught up on my workshops for now, and the only thing I really have to do is iron out the details on my giveaway sheet for the October Boot Camp. I need to finish it so I have to proof it and have copies made. This afternoon, I'm taking boot camp posters to tack up at the post office. Sort of a double duty thing, since I need to check the Midnight Moon Cafe mailbox anyway.

I took part in FF&P's Kensington pitch session yesterday. It was hosted on the FF&P website for members of the chapter. I wish I'd had more time to prepare, but I heard about it last minute. Nevertheless, I decided to go in and practice my pitch skills on two completed drafts that I have in my desk. My first book was a pass, but the second - my 92k fantasy/paranormal romance - got a full request from editor Megan Records. J.A.Z.Z.Y.

So, for the next few months I'll likely be scarce, and frazzled, and talking about books and writing in my sleep while I get the vampire book and the fantasy romance ready to send out. No complaints from me there. I'm happiest when I'm busy.

That's all I've got for now. I'm going to pull back the curtains over my office windows and enjoy some of this autumn sunshine. Still too hot to open windows, though. The summer heat hasn't left us yet. Soon, I hope. Soon. Happy weekend, everyone. ~_^


  1. Big Woot!!! Wowsers! You've been busy! ((hugs)) Fingers crossed you get "the Call." Cool beans.


  2. Thanks, hon. Maybe this time. We'll see. Gotta get the vampire manuscript cleaned up and shipped out before I do anything else. ;0)

  3. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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