Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Radars Tuning Out

funny pictures of cats with captions
Of course I'm not tuning you out. What would make you think that?

It's been an eventful week so far. Stuff has been happening out of the blue. Yesterday, right after I put Mini on the bus to school, I came back to my desk and opened up Twitter to send hubby a direct message that I was going back to bed. The minute I moved my cursor across the screen to click on my direct messages, my Twitter status auto updated. Yes, yes, that stupid Twitter hack thing totally nailed me. So much for going back to bed, right?

I dumped my twitter page, downloaded tweetdeck, did a complete computer scan, cleaned my registry, and went through a whole kettle of computer things to make sure I was okay. Then this morning, I had such a hard time getting out of bed. After hubby left for work, Mini piled up in the bed with me, but he didn't sleep. He hummed. And whispered. And chitter-chattered until I threatened to thwap him with a pillow if he didn't roll over and go to sleep. It was only, oh, 5 in the morning! *faint*

The alarm went off at 6:30 and it took me five minutes just to put myself into an upright position. No kidding. It's not that I didn't get enough sleep - I went to bed around 11:30, which is way early for me. I'm just so darn tired lately. I think I need my numbers run again to find out if my thyroid meds are working okay. Anyway, I got out of bed, and first thing through the door Mini says he wants his breakfast (of course), Sassie and Diva are dancing underfoot and roo-rooing for my attention. I made it to the kitchen and got the coffee going, and by the time I basically shuffled from one end of the house to the other and made everyone happy, it was 6:58. It felt like I'd had my eyes open for mere seconds, I swear. 

I called Mini into the bedroom, got him in his uniform, buckled his belt for him, helped him with his shoes, and all that. Then I bustled him off to the bathroom for the ritual face wash/hair brush/teeth brush thing. I had just got him out of the bathroom and we were reaching for his backpack when the bus arrived. Ten minutes early.

Pretty much, I shoved the poor beast out the front door and he made a dash for it. Oh man, that's the first morning I haven't gone out to the stop with him. Watching him run from the house, he seemed so darn small. I think we parents tend to forget just how little our kids are at Kindergarten age. Wowzers.

So back in the house, I drank two cups of coffee, got all my emails taken care of and dropped by Savvy Authors to check up on the workshop I'm taking (Lori Wilde's High Concept workshop - which is worth it's weight in gold. Well worth the admission cost!). Around 9 o'clock I woke up Oldest, and we drove to Ruston so I could pick up my new glasses.

No make-up, sorry!
I'd hoped we'd be able to take care of both our glasses in one day, but when we got to the optometrist, mine were the only pair that had arrived. So, sometime in the next few days, we'll have to make another trip, to go pick up Oldest's new specs.

Poor beast, he's still wearing broken glasses. It's taking ages to get the kid sorted out, bless him. He's been to the eye doctor twice, and still I ended up with new glasses before him. *_*

I do love the new glasses though. They're dark brown with an almost maroon undertone, and the side that touches the face is a cream yellow. There are two little stripes on the arms of the glasses, and the little dot
you see at my temple is actually the Baby Phat cat. It's on both temples.

They're really cute, secretary style glasses. Quite different from the gold frames I was wearing before this. Even though my prescription has changed slightly, I saved the old pair of glasses to use as a spare.

On a completely different subject... I've mentioned a couple of times I've been working on a single title vampire book, right? A full length one. I finished the draft a few months ago, and I've been sitting on it to let it "settle" before picking it up again to do the final shot. I used it as a pitch practice book, and I got a surprise nod today from an interested editor. They've requested the full, and I'm on Cloud 9. I love this book, and it would thrill me to pieces to find a happy home for it. Wish me luck!


  1. lurve them! i am jealous. even sitting here in my fabulous new navy/baby blue ones!

    ditto on twitter virus and scans and panic and i have officially broken up with twitter but for writing/publishing updates. bleh. i don't need teenagers endangering my brand new lovely laptop.

    and ditto on tired. i got up this morning and damn near went back to bed. i wondered for a moment if i was getting the flu or something. i was just so tired the thought of getting going seemed absurd and undoable.

    hmm. weird. i hope it passes asap for you.

    but yay for your vampire news this morning. and yay cause i heard you got goodies. yay!


  2. Hey Cora! Sorry to hear that you got caught out by that Twitter-virus thing. Since I found out about it, I haven't gone back. I always get scared when I know a place has a virus on it. Do you know if it's safe to go back now?

    I didn't go back to LJ for almost two months after getting a virus there last year. :(

    Love the new glasses, btw. Also, GOOD LUCK on the vampire submission.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks, ladies!

    Sommer, I sure did! I got sweet package in the mail today - really lovely things in there. I need to take pictures of them, but it will be after the smallest bratling is settled for the evening. ^_^

    That whole twitter mess ticked me off. I didn't ditch twitter, but I did switch to tweetdeck.

    Yolanda, it's safe to go back now. They fixed it yesterday a couple hours after it happened. ~_^


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