Sunday, September 05, 2010

Pass the Wine, Plz

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The house is back to normal chaos. Mini and my parents made a day trip to Texas to see my grandmother. (Mini's great grandmother.) She has gone through 36 treatments of chemo for cancer, bless her. What started as breast cancer spread to her lymph nodes. She has been in and out of surgery and treatments for the past two years. Mini hasn't seen her since he was crawling. I think the last time we drove all the way to Texas he was maybe 9 months old. It's been a long, long time.

Gram called my mother not too long ago and said specifically she wanted to see him. And oh, did she ever. Mini is a complete ham. He loves attention, and mom said while they were over there, he was the center of it. He fits right in with the family over there. He likes outdoorsy stuff, and they are farmers and hunters. He chased chickens, petted the cows and dogs and cats, drove their Mule all over the place, and chattered through the entire visit. When it came time to leave, he bawled that he didn't want to go back to Louisiana. Which kinda made me snicker, because usually this is what he does to me when he doesn't want to leave Mom's. He bawls on me, and they look at him with such sad, sympathetic eyes. Well, they had to peel him away from his Great Gram's house and go through all the weepy bawling that I usually have to. I know it's evil, but I can't help but giggle thinking about it. ;o)

I'm almost through with the edits for Connection. So very close! Everything has come together well, and I'm excited to see how smooth everything reads. It's a very sexy book, in my opinion. Androids with fangs. Vampires in space. [romantic sigh]

I'm in the process of polishing an 89k novel right now - another futuristic. This thing is so hot I just about need fireplace mitts to handle it. I'm shooting for a mid-December finish for this one. Wish me luck!

That's it for now. As much as I hate it, I gotta load the dishwasher. :P Happy Sunday, everyone!


  1. Love the artwork on this post. It reminds me of me when I was younger and my booty was sexy instead of whale-ishly huge. Umm, yes, I do believe I created a new word there. lol. ((hugs)) And yeppers, a mite ebil on the chortle over mini's tactics with your mom. heehee.

  2. BTW, I think google knows me too well. The captcha for the last comment I made was...wait for it...
    cellulite! I kid ya not. Wah!


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