Thursday, September 16, 2010

no regrets, just love

funny pictures-Eyeliner go like dis  right? I good makeup artist
Oh, kitteh, you are sooo cute! You can play in my makeup bag anytime!

Finally the day is done and the kids are in bed. My house is a wreck, and I have to do a load of laundry before I can go to bed, but all isn't lost. I managed to accomplish quite a bit on the WIP earlier today. I ironed out all the kinks with my overall story theme, and charted the theme of my main three characters. I also pinpointed my main conflicts, noted all the promises I made when writing the story, and made a sketchy flow chart for two subplots.

I'm now determining which scenes stay, which ones go, and which ones need to be rewritten. Ho hum. This isn't the fun part, for sure. But once I'm done with this, I can plan out the scenes and start the write ins. One step at time...

On Saturday, we're doing our yearly house "bug bombing" (this is the country, yo, and I'm paranoid) before the temperature drops and critters start looking for a place to come in out of the cold. While the house is fumigating, I'm taking Oldest to the eye doctor - AGAIN. This time dude better be there. For reals. I have an appointment directly after his, so it's a two for one glasses bonanza. My credit card is silently weeping.

I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday. I have to go on the weekly errand sprint, but not only that, there's no school on the weekend. He is in no way the roaring Kindergarten Tasmanian devil his brother way, spinning circles around teachers and chewing down any kid in his path. But there is apparently some kind of problem, and I'm determined to break it before it becomes anything worse than what it is. I know Mini. He's chatty, and has selective hearing. The class has this green/yellow/red stop light made out of laminated paper. It's got a smiley face on green, a straight face on yellow, and a sad face on red, and each kid has a clothes pin with his name on it. They start out on green, and as the day moves on if they get called down for anything, the clothes pin gets moved to yellow. If it's serious, it goes to red.

Nearly everyday since Mini started school, his pin comes home on yellow. On the sheet we're given, there's a check mark that says what the kid did wrong - if it fits in a specific category. His is always "not following directions". What directions?  I can't figure out what he's NOT doing so I can tell him to shape up. I mean, I don't want the teacher turning tattle tale. You ask them once, and you get a blow by blow daily report of how evil your child is and how ashamed you must be to be the parent. I shit you not. Been there, done that.

Today Mini came home on yellow after I had a good long talk with him this morning. When I found out he was on yellow this afternoon, I swatted his ornery behind. Apparently he pitched a fit with one of the teachers because she had brought a Hawaiian Punch to school, and he saw it and wanted some. Totally out of line. But what kinda pisses me off about this - the kids aren't allowed to bring anything to school with labels on it. No colas. No chip packages. No containers with print food labels.

Okay, if that's how it is, the teachers should be held to that rule as well. Come on...drink a Hawaiian punch in front of a bunch of kids who've had nothing but water all day and a chocolate milk at lunch. I wouldn't do that. I'm a mother. I know better. Even so, that's not an excuse. I was thoroughly upset with Mini for showing his rump, and he knows it.

Of course, I don't expect him to be perfect, but he has to get it in his head that the rules apply to him as well. This week has run 1 smiley to 3 straight faces. That tells me he's not doing what he's supposed to - daily. And what can I do?  I'm not there to hold his hand.

At any rate, tomorrow is Friday. Once that's over, I get a much needed reprieve. I'm counting the minutes, and make no doubt.

That's it for now. I need to wrap everything up so I can get to be a little earlier than usual. I've been so tired I barely have the energy to make it through the day. Gotta do something about that. Night, night, everyone!


  1. okay..i m no friend of cola and chips anyway..but why arent they allowed to nhave labeled food???

    i went to private school where sweets in general where forbidden but the directors daughter now and the could be caught eaten a twix or bounty that always caused almost a revolution (including rolling heads and singing on the streets)....

    so poor mini..stay strong!!!!

  2. Yeah, what is the deal with labeled food? Weird. I agree with you, Cora. I think if I'd been that teacher and I needed my Hawaiian punch fix, I would have waited until the kiddos were gone or elsewhere and then snuck out and had my drink.

  3. Hugs, y'all.

    The labeled food has something to do with school endorsement and also because some of the poor kids can only afford generic chips and drinks and whatever. Kids might pick on other kids for bringing non-brand food.

    They started doing that just last year, but the labels thing has been going on with clothes and backpacks for about 10 years now - Oldest went through all that when he was a student there. The only thing they can wear with labels are sneakers.


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