Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Ramblings

I have not yet had my coffeh.  You haz been warned.

I have a few minutes to blog, so I'm going to jump on it while I can. I have the rough draft finished for my freebie sheet that I'll be giving away at the October Bootcamp. My topic is going to be digital publishing. I've also printed up flyers to tack up at the post office, and to give hubby so he can pin them up in Coushatta and Mansfield. 

Over the weekend, I learned all about amping up the stakes (in fiction) from the talented Kathy Jacobson . Several weeks ago I bought her 200+ page guide called A Novel Approach, and it's been worth every penny. Right now I'm sorting out subplots and working on the very broken timeline of my futuristic romance. It's taking shape, slowly but surely. It will likely be another few weeks before I'm ready to start on write-ins. 

I'm starting a new workshop today. I'm taking Lori Wilde's High Concept workshop over at Savvy Authors. I'm also registered for her theme workshop that starts in October, although that's still a ways off. 

I tell ya, it's been a LOT of work sticking to it, but I feel like my New Year's resolution to tackle the elements I've been struggling with is paying off. While mapping all the subplots in one particular "thread" [at least, that's what I call it] of the story, I realized how much easier it was to identify pieces of my work, and to figure out what belongs and what doesn't.

That's the main thing, I think. Being able to work with what I've actually written. No first draft is perfect, but it makes it easier on me when I can go back, look at it, and diagnose what the problems are before I start trying to repair it. 

Out of time! I need to wrangle Oldest One into the car and take a drive into town for a few things - this before I have to go pick up Mini from school. That's all for now. I hope your Monday is a happy one!


  1. Monday for me was a long drive through Alabama on the way home to Kentucky, but I am home now and happy to read that the workshops are helping you easily identify problem areas. I would have loved to take that one at Savvy Authors (since I know I have problem areas and never am sure of the best way to fix them), but I'll be over at mum's with no laptop. I had to give my niece-in-law's laptop back to her, whah! :P

  2. Hey hon, tried to call you. I'll try again in the morning. I have NEWS!


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