Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thinking Forward

Photo courtesy of The Graphics Fairy.
I'm counting down to Kindergarten testing day. I take Mini in to do his testing on Thursday. Bless his little heart, I still don't have all his uniforms together. I still need a few more pairs of the shorts, but they just don't have them in his size. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I might have to drive to Monroe this weekend to hit Gymboree and Target. Maybe they have something passable for uniforms there.

That aside, I'm still in the process of typing my WIP into a formatted template. I figure this is the easiest way. I'm too chicken to kill all the formatting from my typed stuff to do a copy and paste into the main template. It would likely be a disaster. On the other hand, the story is coming along very well. Back to school has slowed me down quite a bit, but I'm still crawling along.

Back to school, fall, thinking forward... Hubby put in his request to take a week off in October. Woot! I'm not sure if we'll have the cash to do anything other than have dinner and catch a movie, but that's not the point. It will be a whole week off to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. I'm looking forward to it. If it turns out we are able to go somewhere special...that would be such a bonus. We're both in desperate need of a vacation!

I should get back to writing now. It's almost noon and the kidlets will be wanting something for lunch. I'm going to make a cabbage and pork stir fry. I use an entire head of cabbage, so anything that survives lunch goes toward supper. It's win/win! ^_^

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