Saturday, August 21, 2010

Taking Time to Daydream

It's after midnight and the house is finally silent. Was yesterday actually Friday? It certainly didn't feel like it. Hubby got overheated at work on Thursday and had a mild heat stroke. He came in whooped, and said he had called his boss to let him know he wouldn't be in on Friday. The stress and heat is getting to him, poor guy.

So he took off, and I got up around 9. Mini didn't have to go to school yesterday, because they were working through class assignments - which teacher he would end up with and what not. I went through my Friday routine, coffee, balancing checkbook, going over emails, writing out bills, etc. Around 2pm, I was ready to go to the post office and bank.

All the guys went with me, and I figured after we did our dry goods shopping, we could swing by the Panda and have a late lunch. I totally I forgot that they are now closed from, I think, 2pm - 4:30. We're not sure why, other than perhaps to economize, and to possibly prepare for the dinner hours, which are more expensive than lunch hours.

Mini started bawling because the restaurant was closed. Never mind he'd been munching the house down from the moment he got up that morning. I swear, I wish I had that kid's metabolism. Anyway, we decided to go to Burger King instead. I gotta say, it's probably the first time in a year I've been to any hamburger type fast food restaurant where I intended to order something I planned to actually eat. It wasn't great, but it wasn't terrible either. The good thing is we didn't have to wait. I swear, I think 99.9% of my life is waiting. After waiting 35 minutes in the checkout picking up dry goods, I told hubby if one more person dragged ass in front of me before we made it back home, I was going to give them a swift kick. Or at least wish evil swift kickness on them.

When we did finally make it back home, I put away groceries, fed the furbabies, and retreated to my office. I have so many books and papers lying around - cleanup was mandatory. I had bought a pink 3 ring binder while in town, and managed to sort out most of my work shop papers. Or at least get them all in one place. I still have a stack of books to sort and it should all be tip top again.

After all that was sort, I read for a while and now I'm working on cleaning up this story for Cobblestone. It's been finished for a few weeks now, but I put it away for a while to gain some perspective on it. Too, I needed to research a few little things. I'm going to work on it tomorrow and Sunday, and try to get it into passable shape. I'm ready to kick it out of the nest. Hopefully next week. I had wanted to write a few more werewolf stories to round out the series for the year, but I'm thinking this one may just have to do unless the time fairies bless me with extra hours in the day. I've got so many irons in the fire right now, I'm struggling to catch up. I never anticipated my year would be like this, but it's been one clawing match after another. I'll be satisfied just to tie up loose ends.

That's all for now. It's almost 1am. Sigh. Yep. Not enough hours in the day.

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