Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mouse is a Car

Image courtesy of the graphics fairy.

My office is a mess! It rarely gets this bad, but oh there are towers of paper stacked precariously on top of other stacks of paper...all on top of my printer. Books are scattered at the base of my desk. My stapler is sitting inside the print tray, and since my laptop mouse button is broken, I'm having to use a USB scrolly mouse shaped like a car (I had to borrow Mini's computer mouse, sigh), but there's no room on the desk to actually move it around because of all the mess. Yeah, we all know what I'll be doing this afternoon.

Anyway, it's RWA weekend for me. The Nola Stars chapter gathers at the Bossier History center the second Saturday of every month. We're planning to talk about changes in the industry, and the folks who attended Nationals are going to do a recap of events. After the meeting and our weekly group lunch, I'm going to see my sisters. :*)

Lil sis is having a scrapbooking party that day, too, it's our birthday month (we share the same birthday, different year) so it's kind of an all-around get together. I haven't seen Lil or Big sis since Lil's wedding at the American Rose Center. When they heard I'd be heading toward Shreveport, they decided I must, must, must, come by. Since I rarely get to see them, I couldn't say no.

Speaking of events and such, mark your calendars, September 8th is Zombie Day!  Founded by the awesome Arwen Lynch, on September 8th be sure to post any zombie attacks you encounter on Twitter. Sounds like fun, yeah?

I better get on with this story I'm working. Oh! By the way...just a little teaser...I know what my first ever Ellora's Cave Quickie cover is going to look like. Hehehehehe! As soon as I'm allowed, I'll share. ;0)

Happy Thursday, everyone!

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