Thursday, August 05, 2010

Latest Writing Kick

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Let the inbox stalking begin! I mailed off a partial last night, and since it's on a fast track, I know I won't be able to stop myself from checking my emails a billion times throughout the day. I've already received my reference number for the submission, so I know I'm in the stack waiting to be read. In other words - yay! 

In the meantime, I need to focus on the Christmas story I've planned out... There are only a few short weeks before school starts for Mini, so if ever there was a time to wrap things up, you know? I've got 5k on this story, but I think I may scrap it and start over entirely. Something about it isn't working, and I'm thinking it's because there are too many outside situations encroaching on the main theme. I'll have to either strip it down to bare bones, but seriously, if I go that route, I might as well start fresh. There's still time to get it together, but with so many dates and appointments coming up, I feel rushed about it. Boo. 

I'd planned to knuckle down on it this Saturday, but Hubby called me this morning and reminded me that tomorrow kicks off the tax free weekend. Since it's back to school time, I told the man I wanted to run to Sam's Club in Monroe - which is also hosting a free weekend pass event - so we can stock up on some things we use regularly.  So between today and tomorrow night, I'll probably end up having an extensive Write Or Die session. I better make sure I have plenty of chocolate beforehand. :0)

Right now, I'm in my office, keeping an eye on Kinz. Poor geezer pup, he had a stroke early this morning. Oldest and I ran to help him, and after a few minutes, Kinz was able to pick himself up off the floor and make it into the hallway where he likes to lie outside my office door. He's resting now, and seems to be okay for now. Bless his poor, puppy soul. I put a fresh towel on the floor for him, and he's curled up on his favorite towel, and Sassie is snoozing with him. We've been through this several times with the old guy. I know it's his age, and I can't imagine not having him in the house. He's the last of our original "three amigos". It's not going to be easy for me when his time comes. 

Steering away from that thought...I've packed up another box of books to take to the donation bin. I'm slowly whittling my way through this mile high TBR stack. I'm sure my husband will be relieved, since books are starting to take over the bedroom. Heh. On that same note, I'm finding out my reading tolerance isn't what it once was. I'm kind of sad about that. If I read through chapter three and nothing significant has happened that appeals to me, it gets tossed in the box unread. I'm taking that as a lesson for my own writing - if I can't make something happen to grab my reader's attention in that first chapter, it's likely my book will end up in a donation box. So much for those sweeping setups... 


  1. Awww, sorry to hear about your poor pup. It's always hard to let them go.

    I've donated books to the library a few times when my pile gets too overwhelming but for the most part I try to keep them all. I just buy another bookshelf...but now I have no more space for another book shelf.

  2. ((hugs)) I hope Kinz is feeling better after his stroke. I know how it is, girl. I was a mess when Isis Mei passed away. I loved that cat. She was the reincarnation of Melissa, my Doberman, whom I cherished and missed so very much.

    AS for the other, is it this weekend that is the Sam's Club free weekend? My local Sam's club was clueless when it would be. Wah!

  3. That's us, Mary. No room for anymore bookshelves! ^_^

  4. It's suppose to be this weekend, CC. We're heading out to buy essentials in about an hour.:/


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