Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kinzey Kapinzey Dec. 1996 - August 29, 2010

My sweetie-pup Kinz died in his favorite sleeping spot sometime this morning between midnight and five a.m. He was the last of the original Magnificent Trio, who we brought with us when we moved into our current house in '99 or so.

Hubster and my dad picked Kinz up off the street in Lucky, Louisiana when he was a just a few weeks old. His mother was out on the street wandering about, and he was hot on her heels. We suspect someone in the area probably bred Irish Staffordshires for dog fighting or hunting, and she got loose. Mom and pup were wandering around in traffic together near a gas station when Hubby spotted them. When they drove close enough to them, Hubster hopped out of the truck and picked him up the puppy. Sadly, the mother doggy got scared and ran off before he could rescue her. Hubby took the pup to the gas station to ask if he belonged to anyone, but no one claimed him.

So, he brought Kinz home in the front pocket of his jacket - a black Carhartt - and gave him to me. Kinz was a tiny, six ounce ball of mangy black fluff that you could fit in the palm of your hand. We named this little bitty dog Buckaroo Banzai Rodgers Fellini Thompson (all the Bucky's we could think of, which is what my dad wanted to name him - "Buck") Even so, I have always called him Kinzey - or Kinz, for short.

I wrapped my new puppy in a bath towel and carried him everywhere until he got to big and heavy to carry. In the "towel days", I put him on my shoulder to do laundry and wash dishes and carried him in the car with me when I drove. Literally, he stayed with me 24/7. And all that attention made for a very well trained doggy. Until the day he died, Kinz followed me from room to room, and loved to sleep on a bath towel. The middle picture above is Kinz in his favorite sleeping spot - on a bath towel in the hallway outside my office door. He's maybe four feet from my desk in that pic. I took it maybe week ago. It's where I found him this morning, bless him. I think he passed away in his sleep.

We've all known he's been feeling rough these past few years. He had trouble getting up, and just generally seemed achy. Over the past month, he's had a handful of small strokes and seizures, and I kind of sensed we wouldn't have him much longer. Several times throughout the day I'd glance over at him in his favorite spot and just talk to him to see if he was okay, and he'd look up and thump his tail at me. My poor furbaby. He will be greatly missed.


  1. thats so sad...:-( but its great that you and him had such a great connection and thsat you and your husband actually saved him from a life on the streets...still very sad..especially right after your b-day,,..:-(

  2. Yes, very sad, Danielle. Thank you for understanding. ((big hugs))

  3. Reverence and love to you and all involved, Cora. Thank you for the beautiful story you shared here. Deepest condolences to you, and beautiful journey to Kinzey.

  4. ((hugs)) So very sad to hear Kinz passed into shadow, hon. I know he loved ya'll like crazy and I know you loved him so much, but he had an incredible life and I know he's happy to chase butterflies or whatever else he gets in his mind to do, and will wait patiently until the grand reunion in Summerland. Blessings and sympathy,

  5. Poor Kinzey. I'm so sorry for your loss. :( May he rest in peace.

    PS. I think it's awesome that you gave him a lovely home, a wonderful life, and a safe place to be.

  6. i'm so sorry, sweetie. but gosh, what a well-loved pup. that should make your heart happy. it is never easy to lose them. such small things can take up so much space in our hearts. big hugs.



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