Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Don't Let the Space Jellies Get Me

Blue Curls (Phacelia congesta Hook.)
I love this photo by mkircus. Photo links courtesy of webshots.

So I'm sitting in my office drinking a diet Dr. Pepper, and looking at this monstrous list of things to do. I still need to edit the werewolf story so I can get it submitted, my Christmas story is half finished, and I'm one shake away from having a partial ready to send. *faint*

Tonight I'm going to finish up the partial, and get it sent off. After that, if I have any brain cells left to spare, I'm going to take a peek at that werewolf manuscript. A little earlier this evening, I raced around and got a synopsis written - it turned out pretty good, but boy did I end up with a killer headache.

After the man got home, he stepped out to talk on his cell phone and I fell across the bed for a few minutes. I took a nap, but it wasn't exactly restful. I dreamed I was standing in this pasture, and I saw something silver overhead and suddenly ZAP! Yes, a UFO zapped me. At least I think that's what it was. When I woke up, I felt all jittery and such, but I went into the dining room to find Mini playing Motor Island on hubby's laptop, and the house in a tizzy. Oldest came out of his room to tell me all these things he HAS to do - drop clothes off at Goodwill, and find a box to store some of his keepsakes in. I nodded and shuffled on through the house to the fridge.

Hubby laughed, and laughed, and laughed some more at me when I told him about my UFO dream. He said it was probably because of the thunder outside. I imagine he's right. Still, I nearly felled the guy with my sweeping tale of close encounters. Even if it was just a nap dream. :P

I'm currently reading Trish Wylie's The Millionaire's Proposal. I could swear I've read this one already, but the spine on the book looks unbroken so it's hard to say. *_*

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