Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day By Day

Tomorrow I take Mini for his first day of Kindergarten. After testing, he gets to come home. I'm all boo-hoo and nostalgic about it right now. My baby. Five. Starting Kindergarten. Yep. Someone pass the chocolate and tissues.

I planned today to be a slow day filled with playtime, a little work, a movie with the soon-to-be school boy...and then the mail ran. Oldest brought the letters to me, and noticed one to him and skimmed it off the top. He stood in my doorway and read it. Then handed it over to me.

Because of his ACT scores, he's been granted a scholarship. A midst of our joy and surprise, we noticed that we were supposed to have the forms in by August 15th. Um, we didn't receive it until the 18th. Soooo, Oldest had to call the admissions office and get it straightened out. This all ended up with us making a mad dash to the library to fax in the forms to the dean. Yes, I am a tad fried right now.

Oldest is still looking at one other school, so there is no guarantee he will need or use the scholarship - since it may still be more affordable to go to LA Tech. But we sure as heck aren't going to miss a chance to have the money at our fingertips if we need it. Right now we are looking at every *affordable* option, because in this economy, it's not going to be easy to get this kid in school.

There you have it. That's the latest news here. I've added another 2k to my WIP today, and transferred a few pages to the required format. So, back to the grind for me. I'm loving this story by the way. I was afraid to really dabble in the history of it too much, but I may push back the initial "starting date" of the novel by about 40 years. We'll see.


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