Friday, August 27, 2010

Cyborg Dreams

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Friday, oh how I love you. I'm so glad this week is over and that I lived to tell the tale. Mini is officially settled in with his Kindergarten class and seems to be doing okay on the bus. That's one less thing to drive me to drink. And hubby, bless him, he has arranged all the birthday plans with mom.

I've been so blah lately, and it's been a struggle to focus. I wake up exhausted. For the past two days I've gone back to bed once Mini gets on the bus. Today I slept until 10:45. That shocked me since I'm usually up at 6:30-7:00 and stay going all day. On top of the sleep in, I woke up and my top lip was swollen twice the normal size. It felt all rubbery, like an allergic reaction to something. I couldn't remember getting anything, or wearing any gloss or lipstick recently, then I remembered...I made French toast for the boys yesterday afternoon. Eggs. I'm allergic, but like a proper dingbat, I eat them anyway. 

Apparently my egg-eating ways caught up with me. With so much stress, weirdness in my life, allergies, and what not, it must've been too much for my body to handle. Hence, the fat lip. It looked like I'd gone in for Restylane injections or something. Not too bad looking, actually, although it did feel kind of strange. It lasted until late in the afternoon and then the swelling went down a bit. Now I can still feel the tingly feeling a bit, but it's all normal looking now.

I'm almost finished with the edits for Connection, my upcoming story for EC. I have a few more tweaks to make then it's off to my superific editor for another pass. The way it's going now, considering the errands I have to run tomorrow and back to back birthday events for Oldest and me, I should be able to kick it out the door come Monday. W00t!

Well that's all for now. Mini is ready for me to haul him off to bed. I think it's been a long day for all of us. Happy Friday, everyone. 

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  1. ((hugs)) It gets better, I promise! Oh and somebody is having a wicked cool birthday this weekend I hear. heehee. ::has paddle at the ready for 30+::

    Love, hugs, and best wishes for a superfunkidelic birthday!



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