Sunday, August 01, 2010

American Diva

Photo by away2sky. Photo links courtesy of webshots.

Anyone else follow the #rwa10 feed last night on Twitter? I couldn't stay away from it.  I hadn't heard of half the books, but I admit I was glued to the computer. One of my local RWA chapter mates was nominated for a RITA and I sat there with my pom poms at the ready and looking for her name to appear. She didn't win her category, but she's such a fabu storyteller, I just know she'll be up again for another nomination in the future.

After the RWA glitz was done, I noticed an #askagent panel going on. I browsed through it for a while, until I realized they weren't taking any questions about trends, word counts, or queries. Hm. I go to these things to learn, but since most questions could pretty much fall into at least one of three of those categories, I'd be far too worried I'd be crossing a line by asking anything, so I bugged out and went back to writing.

It doesn't seem like it should be August yet, but there it is. The month from hell is staring me in the face, smiling with glee. Yeah, I see the sharp pointy teeth. I hate August with a passion. It's my birth month, it's oldest's birth month, my nieces and everybody else in the family's birth month. It is also back to school month, and holy-shit-I'm-financially-strapped-and-stressed-out-ohmyeffinggod-when-will-the-hurting-stop? month. 

If I could hibernate, I'd do it in August. Skip this shin-kicker entirely. I'd come out again in September, but only after some of the bullshit had smoothed over and I didn't have to watch my neck. Or attend fifty birthday parties to remind me not only that I'm broke, but that I'm a now a year older and I've gained five pounds from eating so much birthday cake.

*deep breath*

I'm trying not to obsess over Mini starting kindergarten, but who am I kidding? He's so small, his backpack covers him from neck to knees. I bought one uniform shirt a size XS, and it fits him like a night gown. Some how I've got to get this kid clothes for school. They don't make the uniforms small enough. He's wearing a size 5T still, and uniforms start at 5/6. They hang off him. Too, the kids have to wear everything tucked in and belted. He looks ridiculous. It's stressful just knowing you're tossing your kid into the shark tank. They've got to make finding their uniforms a pain in the ass too? Why don't I just have a nervous breakdown now?  Why wait until the 19th?

Yesterday I finished reading Hot Stuff by Janet Evanovich and Leanne Banks. What a fun little book. I don't typically read contemporary, but I needed a change. So many books sound alike now. I needed to find fresh waters. So contemporary it is. Next up, I'm reading American Diva by Julia London. I actually wanted to pick up a copy of Summer of Two Wishes, but it wasn't available where I went looking. So...

I guess that's it for now. I've got to get the dishes in the dishwasher and the laundry going. The grandparents are bringing Minibeast home after church, and I imagine they'll stay a few minutes to visit. Can't be letting them see the dishes stacked in the sink, right? ;0) 


  1. I didn't see all the Twitter fun. :( But I kept busy in other ways... ::wicked grin::

  2. I know how you feel about August. To me it's like sitting under a rock for four weeks. Bring on September!

  3. Hey Cassie! Glad you had some wicked fun, girl. :0)

  4. Jenn, I wholeheartedly agree - bring on September!


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