Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wanted: Private Beach Access

Haad Salad beach
Lovely beach photo by ttalbum. Photo links courtesy of webshots.

Wow, is it Sunday already? How did that happen?  Where did Friday go?  Oh, yeah, grocery shopping. Wah. Anyway, it feels like this weekend has flown out the door in record time. One more day for the weekend, please? Can someone draw up a referendum?  Is there some way we can officially vote in Monday as part of the weekend?  People would hate Monday a little less, and we'd have more weekend to boot. It's a win-win!  ;0)

On Saturday, Jamie rode with me to the NOLAStars meeting in Bossier. Author Judy Christie did a fabulous workshop on The Writer's Path. She talked in part about priorities and figuring out which books you want to write the most, which is something I seriously need to consider. It's interesting, too, because Jamie and I talked about similar, related issues on the way to the meeting. 

Mini is still at his grandparents' house. I have to go pick him up in about two hours. I'm going to make hubster go with me this time. I want to stop by the store to pick up bottled water and razors. Yes, razors. I intend to spare my family another day of looking at my leg fur. :P Oh, and I wanted to buy stickies. Because I don't have enough post-its stuck all over everything in my office already. 

Today I went browsing places to stay on the beach in Maine. I'd love to live in beach chalet. One day...or so I tell myself. Anyway, I found this lovely rental right on the beach and I told hubby about it, thinking it's a good possibility for an anniversary trip. This October will mark 20 years for us, and as much as I wanted to go on a cruise, all the freakish headlines about people falling overboard, gone missing, and/or pirates shooting at the ships... 

Well, frankly, I want to get away to relax, not to have to watch my back the entire time. And I have this fear of hubby falling off a balcony into the ocean. I told him that and he laughed, but say what you will - I like to come home with who I left with. *_* 

So now I'm looking at Maine, because we loved Tybee Island, GA. Our stay at the DeSoto was wonderful, and we loved the private beach access. Same thing when we stayed in Jacksonville. The beach access made all the difference. Just walk outside and you're there. Perfect!

Of course, it's too soon to say if we can even afford to do this yet. At least this year. But a little summer dreamin' never hurt anyone. ;0)

That's all for now. Must get ready to do a store run and pick up the MiniBeast. I hope your Sunday is a cozy one! 


  1. Dreaming doesn't hurt! Hubby and I want to take an Alaska Cruise to see the whales someday. Not anytime soon--I lost my job(laid off) and will b going back to grad school so no $

    I usually write speculative romance but am trying y hand at what might be a Sil Desire. I think it is time I made a change.

  2. Congratulations on 20 years, that's great! Me and Ken have been together for 20 years too. It's a long damn time. lol

    I wouldn't want to go on a cruise...fear of water. lol
    So living on the beach is out too.

  3. Sorry about your job, Melisse. A lot of folks I know right now are laid off. Hubby just went back to work a few months ago.

    Ooh, Silhouette Desire! Go for it! I hope you'll post about your progress. I wish you the very best of luck - Harlequin is a good company to write for.

  4. Thanks bunches, Mary! 20 years is quite a haul, isn't it? ^_^ lol

    I never was all that paranoid about cruises, but all these people shoving each other into the ocean. And missing people. *shivers* Now I'm too paranoid to do it.

    I love the beach though, and the sound of the ocean. I'd love to have a little place right on the water. :0)


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