Thursday, July 29, 2010

Meatloaf in Wonderland

Goldfields and asters
Goldfields and Asters photo by barnchaser. Photo links courtesy of webshots.

I watched Alice in Wonderland with Mini today. Despite everything negative I've heard about the movie, that Johnny Depp dwarfed Alice's role (among other things), I really loved it. Visually, it was a beautiful movie, and the characters were fascinating. It wasn't too far out of my expectations. Fun stuff. :0)

Mainly I worked on notes today. There wasn't really much else to do since around 10:30-ish a sudden rainstorm came up, pouring buckets. My DSL didn't love me so much right about then, which drives me slapnuts crazy when the connection is shit and I'm basically looking for ways to procrastinate online. 

I thought about going ahead with edits on the werewolf story I just finished, but decided to wait and hammer it out over the weekend. Hopefully I'll be less distracted then. I'm about to write a very kinky story, so I'm taking my time, gathering information on fetish I really don't know much about. When working with something like that, I have to think things through very carefully. Too, I have to watch myself since I think this story will likely turn out to be a contemporary. I just can't seem to wrap my brain around paranormal and Christmas at the same time and make it work without it sounding to hokey. Hm... 

Anyway, on a completely different and domestic topic, I made this huge meatloaf tonight. I really don't care for meatloaf that much, but it's the middle of the week and I need to go to the grocery store, but I only have something, like, two dollars in quarters. How's that for riches? This afternoon I picked through the fridge, seeing what I could throw together, and came away with two meals. I told the guys that they could have either spaghetti or meatloaf. So technically, they're responsible for the behemoth meatloaf we'll likely be eating again tomorrow night. 

Yes. Left overs. Because that's a damn huge meatloaf I made, that's why. There was also green beans, and mashed potatoes and gravy on the table. Oh, and chocolate cake. I made one from scratch and since I didn't have any frosting I put peanut butter on top while the cake was still hot so it would form a kind of peanut butter glaze. Holy cow, that was delish. 

No cake left. Plenty of meatloaf. So what're the guys trying to say? ^_^

That's that. *dusts hands* It's almost 1am, and I need to get to bed. Thank God it's Thursday, though. Is that saying legit? Who cares. One more day and this bastard of a week will be over. Who's with me on that? 

Night, night, everyone! 

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