Sunday, July 04, 2010

Heart On Fire: coming soon to Smashwords

Happy 4th of July!

I hope you're all having a wonderful holiday! There isn't much to post today. The hubster is getting over his ick, and I'll be leaving in a few minutes to pick up Minibear from my parents' house. 

I thought I'd do a quick update for those who have asked, Heart on Fire should appear on Smashwords some time this coming week. 

This little tale is a reissue of the Werekind short story that first appeared at the Midnight Moon Cafe for Valentine's Day in 2007. It's being re-edited, and as you can see the cover has been revamped. 

It's the last of my MMC stories to be added, and like the others, it will be available for free download. I'll post more about that in the days ahead, so keep checking here at the blog, or on my profile page at Smashwords for updates.

Once again, Happy 4th of July to all my USA friends, and to the brave soldiers fighting overseas so that we may live free. Bright blessings!

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  1. Love the new cover, girl. ::pom pom swish::


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