Saturday, July 17, 2010

Going to the Country...

Lake Tahoe, California May 14 2010
This gorgeous shot is by enorthroup. Photo links courtesy of webshots

Right now, I'm waiting for the man to get hungry enough to make a dash to Subway. I want a chicken boobs sub with EVERYTHING on it. Ooh, and chips! He's in the middle of some Guild Wars battle, and that's always some serious business around here. He works hard all week, and on his days off he slays bad guys. My kinda guy! ;0) 

My godfather came by this morning and gave us a bag full of the most beautiful Ruston peaches I have ever seen. How awesome is that? 

It's funny because I was just thinking the other day that I'd like to drive over to Ruston and buy a basket of peaches from the orchard. Back in the day, when my parents and I used to live out in the orchard, we could stop right there at the "shed" in the fork of the road where they bring in the peaches after harvesting. We'd buy a basket and mom would make a huge peach cobbler. Yum. 

Well, I probably won't make a peach cobbler, but I'm going to wash these and take half of them over to my parents. These things look delish. Great for slicing up and putting on some ice cream. Am I making you hungry yet?  *g*

Tonight, Cassandra and I will be doing live tarot readings in voice chat on Second Life. The event will be at the MMC shop in Awen, starting at 7pm SLT/ 9pm CST /10pm EST at We hope you'll drop by and chat with us!

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