Friday, July 09, 2010

the Friday blog that almost wasn't

Walking path at Rotary Pond

Gorgeous photo by trueblvr. Photo links courtesy of Webshots.

Yay, Friday! I'm feeling better, and I'm back on my feet for the most part.

I've accomplished next to nothing this week, and all my projects are still pending, so no news on that front. Tomorrow I'll be driving up to Bossier for the NolaStars monthly meeting. Honestly, I need a recharge. Jamie and I ride together, so we get to talk craft, our projects, and girly stuff all the way from Ruston. Good times. Too, it gives me a little time away from the kids and the housewifely things. :0)

Once that's all settled I'm back home, I've got to start putting my ducks in a row because I've got too many projects at or near completion, and too many little side projects needing to be finished. It's time to clear the cupboards, so to speak. 

Speaking of cupboards...groceries. I took the boys grocery shopping with me today. Now, it's been threatening rain on us since early June. Almost every day the forecast is rain, and I swear, I've never seen anything like it. The rain often doesn't come as predicted, just shitty gray skies, so I didn't think anything of it when I took off at 1pm to go do the rounds.

Half way through shopping, there is this sudden roar within the store and I realize it's because it has started raining - hard. Well, effers, of course it would rain today when I've got a buggy FULL of food, both kids, and...well, just OF COURSE. 

I lingered around hoping it would get a bit lighter out there - no luck, so I went to check out and had Oldest and Mini run on out to the car to wait for me. I got soaked on my way to the car. Literally, my hair plastered to my head and I've ever so grateful my shirt was dark red or there would've been a wet t-shirt show going on. Oldest helps me get all the stuff in the car, and we're both drenched by the time we climb into the front seats. We take off out of the parking lot, and realize Mini isn't buckled in properly (!!!!!) and I'm freaking particular about that make no doubt about it. 

I came to a dead stop in the street and Oldest reached into the back and they quickly fixed Mini's harness and voila! He's ready to roll. Oldest got buckled in and we made it down to the stop sign, turned right, and were heading along 167 when this white SUV comes flying out of nowhere. He's doing at least 60 and the standing water is at least 2 inches deep on the road. The guy hits a deep spot and starts hydroplaning. I hit the breaks as his car swerves left, right, nearly flips before swerving a hard left again. This happens across five lanes - he crosses right in front of me and jumps the curb before skidding to a very hard stop in someone's back yard, against a wooden fence. The SUV is completely turned around, as if it can drive right back out onto the highway. We could see the guy gripping the steering wheel in utter shock.

That was the freakiest bit to the day, nothing can really compare to it. Except maybe the fact I think Mini is going to grow up to be a total boob man. OMG. That movie Wall-E...*forehead smack* I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but damn, if you haven't seen it already that's your bad, cuz I'm going on with this. There's this one part in the movie where Wall-E is digging through the trash and finds this pink Bra. Well, he puts it on his little robotic eyes like a hat. 

Minibeast, being it that he was introduced to ze boobage area directly after his birth, finds this absolutely fascinating and knock yourself out hilarious. I found it 40x as hilarious (and groan worthy) to hear Mini call Wall-E's bra "ninny guards". *sigh*

Only one of my offspring could somehow take women's undergarments, baby breastfeeding terminology, and sports equipment and combine all that to make it sound like Wall-E had unearthed equipment for an extreme sport. And I gotta say, this has been his #1 topic for conversation today. The ninny guards, and the fact Wall-E doesn't know what they're for. Yep, this is one of those stories destined for the baby book. 

My kids are gonna LOVE me for recording all this one day. 

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