Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ellora's Cave and Brownies


Last night I spent about forty minutes on the phone with tech support. We haven't had a many issues with our DSL service up to this point, but yesterday was a bear. Every five minutes it dropped the connection, which is kind of nerve wracking when you have submissions out there you're waiting to hear back on. Thankfully the tech guy turned out to be nice and efficient. Oh, mama, give me some efficiency any day.

He checked our numbers and said the signal was strong, so it must be the occasional rain followed by hellish blistering heat and high humidity. Ho hum. At least he didn't tell me it's being caused by soon-to-be cataclysmic solar flares or something to keep me up all night thinking about it in fear.

Now for the good news... I found out yesterday afternoon my story Connection has been accepted at Ellora's Cave. Yay!!! *confetti dance* Gotta tell ya, I'm absolutely jazzed to be working with them. I love reading their books, and really what more can you say about that? I hope to be with them for a long time to come. :*)

Ooh, I baked a tray of double fudge brownies yesterday. They were delicious. I cut them very big in the pan - who wants a little wimpy brownie, know what I mean?  When they'd cooled enough that you could hold them, I spatula'd two huge monster brownies onto a plate for oldest, one for Mini, and one for me. I come back thirty minutes later to cover the brownies with saran wrap and almost half the tray is missing. Oldest!  

That kid, I swear, he is tall and thin and I think he has a hollow shin where all the food goes. If I ate that many gooey chocolate brownies I'd have two new inches of belly to go with it. Le sigh. 

Oh, but they were good, though. Awesome brownies. So I can't really blame Oldest for sneaking another. Mini ate half of one, which I thought was pretty good. I take his and melt marshmallows on top in the microwave so it won't be so much pure chocolatey taste. He's still young. He won't get his true chocolate palette until he's in his teens. Still, can't have him rejecting real brownies, that would be... baker's sacrilege. Or something like that. 

So there you have it. All my happy news. Ellora's Cave and brownies. Pure heaven... :0) 


  1. Woot on the EC contract! (And on the brownies, what a fantastic way to celebrate.) *Happy dancing* for you.

  2. Congratulations! Welcome to the cave. I think brownies are a good way to celebrate.

  3. Thanks bunches, Shelley. :*)

  4. Congrats Cora!! I'm so happy for you. And big hugs on the internet. My DSL was doing the same thing but we got it fixed finally. I hate computer issues.

    Congrats again!!! Yay!!

  5. Thanks bunches, Karen! ((hugs))

    I think we finally got the internet thing worked out. [knock on wood] I'd probably go bonkers if I didn't have working internets. :*)


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