Monday, July 19, 2010

Doctor Day...and Zombies

Gerber Bubbles
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I'm thoroughly exhausted! It was a busy weekend, and I followed it up today with a last minute trip to the doctor. Actually, I called them up at about 8 or 9 this morning and scheduled an appointment. 

Last week, around Wednesday, hubster brought home a jar of banana peppers his friend had grown and canned. We don't usually eat banana peppers, but we never let food go to waste. I cooked with the peppers, and we ate them with red beans and rice...stuff like that. Later that night, after I took a shower, I noticed there were these dark orange/browny/red "blood smears" on my lower legs. Being the dingbat that I am, I thought it was razor burn and ignored it. The next morning, however, I had all these red blotches and rings on my legs. 

I thought it was an allergic reaction and took Benedryl, which did nothing. The blotches don't hurt or itch; they aren't raised in any way. They're not even all that noticeable unless you point it out. They're kind of like flat, smooth, pale red/dark pink hives. I asked my BFF about it, sent her some pictures, and she seemed to think it looked like a bacterial infection. 

Okay. Now, I know that we are never ever EVER supposed to try and diagnose ourselves looking at pictures on the net, but, of course, I gotta be a rebel. I looked up bacterial infection and nearly fell out of my chair. Some of these pictures I came across looked like something out of Night of the Living Dead. Yes, complete with gaping wounds and flesh falling off. *_*

So....I called my doctor this morning, and when they asked if I wanted to come in today my answer was - HELL, YES! I like to read zombie fiction. That doesn't  mean I want to look like I just walked out of a zombie movie. I cannot get it out of my head - the bloody gaping holes and feet with holes the size of plums and... *faint*

Well, the doctor looked at me, and said she didn't know for sure what it is, but it's most likely one of three things: eczema, the start of neuropathy due to diabetes, or lupus. I can pretty much scratch out the eczema. That burns and itches, these blotches don't. 

I'm pretty much betting on the neuropathy, since I get the sharp "stabbing needles" sensation in my legs and feet at times. *sigh* Then again, I don't even want to think about it being lupus, so I'm sticking with the neuropathy theory.  

First things first, I have to go through a week of pills to ensure this isn't eczema. On Monday, I go back to the doctor and they'll look at my shins again to see what's up. Then they're sending me to a specialist in Monroe to do a complete blood work up. They'll check my diabetes and/or look for signs of lupus. So much to look forward to, I tell ya what. ~_~' 

On a brighter note, while getting my prescriptions filled, I stumbled across a copy of Lori Devoti's Zombie Moon. Of course, it had to come home with me. Zombies and werewolves all in one package...I can't wait to read this one!  

Oh! While I'm thinking about books and paranormal things, a special thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday night to the Midnight Moon Cafe tarot reading event in Second Life. You made the evening a huge success! Cass and I had a great time chatting with all of you. :0)

That's it for now. I've been running non-stop since about 7 am. I'm kinda tired. I'm gonna kick back for a bit and read. Happy Monday, everyone!  

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