Thursday, July 01, 2010

Conflict, hello?

This story may be the death of me. It's not particularly complex or lengthy, and it does have its merits. It's smooth and sexy. The characters are interesting and they love each other. I love the setting, etc. But it still feels wrong, and damn it all if I don't already know why.

It's the conflict. Or, um, rather, the lack thereof. I've wracked my brain over how to fix it. What wrench can I throw in to eff up the lives of my sexily-awesome characters? Alien abduction? Zombie apocalypse? Spontaneous human combustion?

I'm teasing, of course. Those choices compiled with werewolves would be overkill. But I have begun to compile a list, and that's my current goal: to create conflict while retaining the sexy. ;0)

Ideally, I'd like to have this story out the door sometime next week, but I suppose that will depend on how much reworking I'll have to do in order to iron out the new plot. Wish me luck, because I'm honest-to-Pete ready to move on to the next project. (Never mind the fact I have two novel length stories waiting for rewrites. *forehead slap*)

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Now for some domestic diva-ness... 

A few days ago, I took my last 10 dollars and bought a bamboo shade for the bay window in the bedroom. I had Oldest lug it through the store for me, and we stuffed this thing into the passenger floor board and ran it through to the back seat of the car - no easy feat. A very uncomfortable ride back home, but we eventually got the shade home. 

Anyway, upon taking the shade to my room, realized it's too wide for the bedroom window. Hm. The window is 72 inches across. The shade is 72. I swear I measured before I bought this monstrosity, and it's the same size as the one hanging in the den, so what gives? assumed the shade was like the one I'd put in the den many years ago - yeah, yeah, assumptions make an ass out of u and mption, whatevs - but when I took the shade out of packaging, I realized I couldn't cut a half-inch off each end of the shade to make it fit since apparently it's not the EXACT same kind as what's in the den. Well, effers. 

Soo...I had hubby take the shade back for me because it's the sweetie-hubby, I love you, thing to do. And because OMG the thought of stuffing that thing back into the Mazda... (cough, cough) Anyway, I asked him to bring home two 35w shades, and what a good sport! He returned home with two shorter shades and cooed over him for a good 45 minutes because he just rocks for fetching those for me, ya know?  And then I got them to the bedroom, and prepared to install them and realized they aren't 35w, they're 36w so I'm right backwhere I started. *_* 

Somehow this weekend, I've got to fix this. Likely will take another run to the store to exchange them yet again. I can just imagine the evil eye I'm gonna receive from the clerk. And yes, they will certainly recognize me. A town this size, there's no avoiding it. Sigh. 

I guess I better get on with the writing since it's already after ten. If I stick around online for too long, I'll stalk my inbox. You know what they say, waiting is the hardest part. Happy Thursday, everyone! ;0) 


  1. Oh man, don't ya just hate it when you think you are getting what you need from the store and have to take it back...more than once. That really irritates me and it seems to happen when I am trying to get something done in a short amount of time and don't have the time to keep going back to the darn store. Good luck.

  2. You couldn't have said it better, Mary. I don't know what it is about timing and returns, but it's true. Whenever I need to do something in a short amount of time, I have to keep going back to the store. I think it must be a universal law or something. ~_~'


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