Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summa Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine...

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While talking to my mom on the phone yesterday, she mentioned something about the first day of summer and - BAM - I've had Seals and Croft stuck in my head ever since. I woke up singing Summer Breeze this morning, so as you can imagine, my children are hiding from me right now. 

The dogs aren't hiding, though. Every dog in the house is parked around my desk right now. Thanks for sharing your fleas, my furbabies. :P No one tell them, but they are getting baths today. I'm sure they'll be thrilled to know.

Last night, er - early this morning around 1 am, the power went out. Both my kids are ooky spooky about the dark, so I immediately rolled over and told the man, "I better run in there and get Mini before he freaks out." 

I opened the bedroom door to step into the hallway and he was already in the den. He seemed far more composed than I thought he would be. I called his name, and he sighed. "I'm here, Mimi. Why does this gotta happen?" LOL That's my boy. 

I picked him up and carried him to our room, but it was too hot to sleep. Mini was jumpy about every sound and shadow, so about two in the morning I got up, put on my flip flops and a pair of cut offs. I made Minibeast put on his sandals, and since the automated message said the lights should be on around 3:40, I drove him around in the car. You know, blessed air conditioning and all that? :P

I put in his favorite singing-in-the-car-at-the-top-of-his-lungs song: Tik Tok by Kesha (yes, I know...) and we drove all over the countryside, into town, and back out to the countryside again. We passed by the house, and saw the lights were still off, so we kept going. 

Around 3 in the morning, I started getting bleary eyed so it was time to go home. By the time we got there the lights were on - YAY!  Hubby was sitting at his computer when we first walked in. Priorities, you know. ;0) He said the lights had only been on a few minutes. I told him that was fabu, and that I was going to bed. 

I bet that poor man is going to be exhausted when he gets home. Lack of sleep plus this crazy heat?  Ugh. I plan to have the house ready for him to just flop down when he gets in. 

Anyway, that's about all I've got for now. Mini is cranking up the drama, so I think I'll go tickle the beans out of him, the little booger-snoot. Have an easy, breezy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Sounds like quite the night. I really dislike hot nights when I can't sleep. No air conditioning is the worst.

  2. Awww...poor mini. And poor Mimi, lol. Well, it's hot here too, but not as bad as where you're at. The heat index today is supposed to reach 102, which is more like August weather here in the bluegrass, but we're getting it early I guess. Ugh.

    I remember that song! I used to hum it to my one nephew as a baby. He's 38 now. Ye gads. Okay, on that note, I am going to go pluck the gray from my head and sit back down to write. Eeps. Love to all, CC


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