Friday, June 25, 2010

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Geezer pup is doing better. He decided to give me a scare yesterday. He was lying on his doggy cushion in the dining room when he started yelping. I was in my office. I looked up, and he was trying to get to me. He'd made it to the hallway and was shaking and stumbling; his legs kept going out from under him. I jumped up and ran to him. He was very upset and scared. I petted him while he went through the stroke, and had Oldest come and take Sassie into the other room because she was upset and trying to sniff at the the old pup. Once it was over, though, he seemed to come right back from it. He wasn't 100% steady, but he was moving around and such. Oy. Nope. Yesterday wasn't a good day at all. 

Hubby messaged me from work this morning in a mood. I knew from the tone of the message, but didn't grasp the full effect until he called me later. I blame the heat. He's working in it, and it makes him irritable. His high blood pressure doesn't help matters. He refuses to go to a doctor over it. Anyway, a few days ago, he had a talk with Oldest about watering his plants for him in the mornings so they won't wilt from the all day heat. Oldest, being a natural born smartypants, walked around with him, listening to his spiel, quietly taking in directions, and when Hubby had finished, Oldest told him..."You know I'm not going to get up early to do any of this, right?" 

OMG. I was so surprised Hubby didn't flay his liver over that, but no, he took it in stride. Of course he lectured the guy after that remark, for all the good it does.I know better. Lectures get no where with Oldest. He won't listen. A total waste of breath. 

Right now Oldest isn't bothered to do much. He sleeps all day, stays up on the computer all night. He gets the clothes out of the dryer when I ask him to - he basically sets the laundry basket on my bed and I fold clothes there. He'll put food/water in the dog dish IF I ask him to. He mows the grass every two weeks if hubby asks him to - and that's usually a bitch and moan fest. And that's it. There are no real chores. He comes out of his room for food, and if someone is going somewhere. If he wants to go, he'll tag along. 

So granted, I didn't take Oldest's remark to hubby very well. In fact, it totally pissed me off. A day or so ago, I knocked on his bedroom door and when he opened it, I informed him calmly he WILL be watering his dad's plants DAILY, and since he couldn't be bothered to get himself up to do it, I will be there to pound on his door until he gets his lazy ass out of bed to do it. If he is not happy with those arrangements, he knows where the luggage set and the front door is. End of story. 

For the past week, every morning between 8-8:30 I go and knock on Oldest door and tell him to go water the plants. It's the only way he can be motivated to do it, and that's fine with me - as long as he does it. Do not think for an instant I'm letting him off the hook. 

Well, hubby has had a week to stew over this. And I guess the heat and the fact it's almost noon and Oldest is still sleeping is enough to finally piss him off. He messaged me this morning to say he had come to a realization: He's out working in the heat, and there's a grown man at home sleeping all day, laid up in the air conditioning eating his groceries. When hubby called me, I could tell he was ready to blow. He told me tomorrow he's making Oldest get up at the crack of dawn, shower and shave, put on decent clothes (he practically lives in sweatpants and a T shirt), and he is going around to put in his application at various stores around town. In a nutshell, Big Daddy says the baby boy is going to get a JOB. Oh my. I think I'll take Mini to my mother's that day. Escape, escape, escape! :P 

Today I'm setting a goal of 2k on the werewolves. I'm itching to finish this story and submit it. If at all possible, this sucker will be my weekend project. Cross your fingers for me. 

Well, I'm off to play with yarn. Mini saw me crocheting yesterday, and he wants me to show him how. I going to try teaching him to chain. Wish me luck. ;0)


  1. i know what you mean. My oldest is 20 and and granted he's in college and finishes this quarter yay but he the same. Ask him to do something and it's like omg the world is going to end. And my 14 yr is almost as bad. I have told oldest as soon as this quarter is over he better start putting in application everywhere. Cause if he doesn't get a job I just might have to find a place to hide the body.

  2. Don't ya just love kids. My daughter is 19 now and she's living with her boyfriend in their own apartment. He has a job but my daughter doesn't yet. I've been after her for more than a month to go put in applications and she's more interested in staying out all night on the Las Vegas strip, than getting a job. It's so irritating.

  3. None of my teens have found a job, or any of their friends--not many jobs this summer. I guess they can go to the park and play frisbee--not like there is a ton of money for fun.

    I hope to submit something soon, too--rewriting the ending of a scifi rom.

  4. Sorry, but I am sitting here lmao. Oldest sounds like my nephews...and hon, they are in their 30's and 40's. lol. So that lazy attitude doesn't stop in some kids. They'd rather sit at home playing video games, eating cheetos and have their wives go forth and bring home the bacon.

    Actually, Bear is kinda like this as well. His dream is for me to become the next J.K. Rowling or Stephanie Meyers (i.e. successful *wealthy* author)and he can sit in our *mansion* and talk on the phone to his buddy and invest in MLM bullshit with him and not care when it tanks. Oh, but he might help me with my newsletter once in a great while. lmao


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