Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Out of Her Chains

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Time for a coffee break! I've spent most of the morning editing a friend's manuscript and listening to Mini Bear talk about Knight Rider. He's had a DVD marathon going on since we got up this morning, and he's been keeping me updated on the what's what about Michael Knight. (Jesus, help me! I'm being hassled by The Hoff. Or would that be Hasselhoffed?)  

I totally skipped the HS board meeting, since I couldn't be bothered to find a pair of jeans that looked like they hadn't washed up from a shipwreck. I'm sure they didn't miss me, but still... There are plenty of outfits I could wear, if I wanted to bake to death in a poorly air-conditioned conference room. But rather, I'd have gone with a skirt or shorts or something - if I had any that were presentable for such an affair. 

See, I have two wardrobes. One is business clothes - stuff for conference, meetings, etc. Classic stuff that never really goes out of style: basic Chanel blazer, shell tops in every color, camel colored trousers. You get the idea.  The other wardrobe is...well, it looks like a trunk of shipwreck clothes. I wish I were joking. It's a mish-mash of t-shirts, tank tops and cut offs. A lot of it is ragged and faded. Why?  Because some of this stuff doubles as beach wear and pajamas. Heh.

I told myself back in December I was going to toss a lot of it out and buy a couple of pretty sun dresses for summer, but what am I wearing?  You guessed it. Shipwreck wear. With a pony tail, no less, because I apparently can't be bothered to take myself back to the salon either. (Okay, I've been planning to do that. Soon.)  

Whatever. I skipped the meeting, and went about editing. Later, I plan to pile up on the couch with Mini. Think I'll read some more of this Donald Maass book. I tell ya, some of this stuff - the scope of it - is a bit intimidating. I'm gonna keep on with it, make notes, but then I'll work with what I have and let the story tell itself. 

Speaking of the story, I should touch the 50k mark on the vampire WIP tonight. Finally. I have two scenes to add in that I can think of right off hand, but all in all, the story is winding down. It's about ready for a print up and read through, but I'm not even going to attempt it until I have that base of word count. 

That's that. I'm waiting for the timer to go off in the kitchen so I can flip the tater wedges. *g* I need to put a salad together as well, and what not. The kidlets are going to start yowling if I don't get lunch on the table soon. I hope you're having a good Wednesday. And if you just happen to be Tamara, happy birthday, hon!

 I loved this song when I was a kid! How jazzy... ^_^ 
The video makes me lol.

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  1. OMG! Ebony eyes! I haven't heard that song in a donkey's age! lol

    Hope all is going well and the vamps win a round or two. Pike is divine. :D


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